Easy Valentine’s Day Bling for Treats

Elevate treats for your kid’s classroom party this Valentine’s Day with edible, decorative Stickies from Make Bake. They are seriously easy and seriously cute. Not to mention, vegan, gluten free and allergy-friendly.

Kids’ Book Picks on Friendship

Love comes in all different forms. Encourage your kiddo to appreciate the joys of BFFs with these four, fun reads on friendship picked by the children’s book buyers at Powell’s.

Playlist: Dino Rock

If your kids can’t get enough of dinosaurs, then Dinosaurs & Monsters, the fourth album from YouTube phenomenon Howdytoons, will blow their minds.

DIY Birthday Cake Kits

Easy, minimally messy, and oh-so-cute, Cake Hoopla DIY cake kits are sure to be a hit at your child’s next birthday.

Top 3 Air Filters

Because anyone who lived through Portland’s wildfire smoke-pocalypse of 2020 will probably not want to repeat that experience.

Q&A with Angela Bonilla

We talked with the new president of the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT)about Portland’s state of public education and her thoughts on student success.

Around Portland Tours Bike Tour

3 Portland Walking Tours

Portland boasts some excellent walking tours that showcase the area’s history, hidden gems and haute cuisine.

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