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1624 SE Tacoma Street 97202

Join us for fun-filled camps that promote kindness, creativity, and community. Our heart-centered education teaches skills that prioritize social-emotional learning, bringing joy and connection via dance/movement, music, theater, and the arts. Each camp day begins and ends with a shared community circle, where we check in with gratitude, set positive intentions, reflect on what we learned, and share appreciation. Students will:

  • Enjoy friendship, smiles and laughter

  • Exercise, play games, and dance/move to happy music

  • Celebrate different cultures via the lens of art, theater, dance, and songs

  • Breathe fresh air and take in the beauty of nature during park walks, learning about conservation, gardening, native plants and wildlife

  • Develop important SEL skills of communication, exploring ways to express emotion via poetry, art, music, theater, and dance

  • Explore a colorful spectrum of activities each week of summer that challenge brains and bodies in logical and creative ways

  • Engage in opportunities to discover strengths within and the light in others

  • Teamwork and collaboration to create win-win at camp and in the world

  • Practice mindfulness, empathy, compassion, altruism, and kindness

Amazing and talented staff will care for small stable cohorts following CDC and OHA guidelines for safety. Special Early Bird pricing ends April 20th.

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