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7815 Southeast Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR, USA 97202

Enjoy the sunshine and water this summer and let ORU introduce you to the wonderful world of rowing! Two-week camp sessions are available from July through August. This camp is designed to give students with no prior rowing experience an opportunity to determine if rowing is a good fit and to prepare them to join ORU’s Junior Rowing Team (with the Coach’s approval) in the Fall.

Safety is our number one priority. Due to the unique demands of the sport of rowing and ORU’s summer coaching and program structure, prospective students must possess general fitness and meet the following prerequisites in order to participate in the camp:

* Be at least 13 years old;

* Weigh no more than 190 lbs (This is the maximum weight-limit of the current ORU rowing shell inventory);

* Stand at least 5'3" tall and be able to lift 25 lbs overhead (The participants of each rowing shell will work together to lift their boat into and out of the water and will carry it on their shoulders to and from the dock);

* Be able to get in and out of the rowing shells under their own power.

* Arrange and successfully complete a Swim and Float Test (or provide recognized documentation of swimming ability, such as a Red Cross Water Safety Card or Lifeguard Certification). This requirement must be satisfied prior to the first day of the LTR camp session.

* ORU is not currently equipped to offer Adaptive Rowing.

All LTR sessions are held at the Oaks Park Community Boathouse. Classes are held on M-W-F, from 8:00-10:30 AM, with the exception of Session #1 (See notification below). The cost to attend is $175/session.

Session #1: Jul 3-14, 2023

Session #2: Jul 17-28, 2023

Session #3: Jul 31-Aug 11, 2023

Session #4: Aug 14-25, 2023

All sessions are held at the Oaks Park Community Boathouse. Students will begin their session by learning water and boat safety, rowing terminology, the parts of the boat, and how to carry the boat to and from the dock. They will also learn the mechanics of the rowing stroke, including proper rowing form and sequence. Instruction begins first on land through the use of ergometers (indoor rowing machines), and then moves to the water (Willamette River), where students will learn how to safely get in and out of a shell, how to properly hold their oars, and the basic techniques of sculling. Along with gaining fitness and strength, students will enjoy team camaraderie!

Organization Email: Learntorow@oregonrowing.org
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