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Unity Spiritual Center of Portland, 4525 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215
West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 8470 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR 97223

Welcome to Merry Mystics Spirit Camps!

The summer camp where kids learn extraordinary spiritual life skills to empower them to thrive at any challenge.

We know school nourishes our minds, sports nourishes our bodies, but who nourishes our Inner Being?

That's where Spirit Camp comes in!

In 2023, we offer week-long summer day camps, as well as workshops and Saturday day camps in Feb, March, and April.

Sign up at our website: www.merrymystics.love

At camp, our Spiritual Superstars learn:

Self Confidence & Inner Empowerment:

✦ Connect to their inner wisdom and intuition
✹ Discern the voices of their Inner Champion and Inner Critic
✦ Use affirmations to connect with their self worth and power

Connecting to Nature

✦ Practice mindfulness in Nature with all senses
✹ Create crafts with natural materials
✦ Thank Mother Earth with birdseeds from our Sacred Pouches
✹ Understand the importance of the 4 elements and 4 directions

Understanding Energy

✹ Protecting their energy in challenging situations
✦ Tune into and balance their chakras
✹ Cultivate awareness for the “energy bubbles” of ourselves and others

Mind-Body Connection

✦ Cultivate awareness for their own states of groundedness
✹ Use easy and powerful breathing techniques to change their emotional state
✦ Use EFT Tapping to release emotional and physical resistance
✹ Listen for the whisper of our hearts

How to Fix a Bad Day

✦ Access the peace within through visualizations
✹ Make and and utilize Meditation Jars
✦ Finding & using our power animal for inner resourcing
✹ Create a “How to Fix a Bad Day” booklet at the end of the week of all the wisdom they learn at Spirit Camp

Every child finishes Spirit Camp with their very own physical “Spirit Toolbox” full of the holistic tools that helped them transform throughout the week. These tools help foster resilience, adaptability, centeredness, and joy! Kids continue to resource their Spirit Camp tools long after the last day of camp, and for many children they become a part of their daily routine.

Want in on the fun? Parents and guardians are welcome to attend any portion of Spirit Camp. In August, we will offer a special week of Spirit Camp for Adults.

Organization Email: home@merrymystics.love
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