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P O Box 326, Corbett, Oregon 97019

Old McDonald's Farm, Inc. (OMF) is a non-profit, children's program where we utilize Farm Program animals, agriculture, gardens and rich, natural resources to 'teach and reach' Portland metropolitan area children and youth.  Learn from and enjoy horses, donkeys, cow, goats, sheep, pig, geese, ducks, chickens, dogs and cats.  We are located on a beautiful 68-acre property just one mile off the Historic Columbia River Highway east of Portland.  Enjoy our year-round creek, garden spaces, flowers and our Fire Pit too.  Our OMF bus transports students for some of our Programs from the 15th/Irving NE area.  Join us spring, summer and autumn.  Click on the Education button from the top of our Home Page www.OldMcDonaldsFarm.org or arrow down and see all that is offered.  All of our programs are academic, skill building and are taught by an Oregon State Certified Teacher with many decades of experience.

  • A school group or a family can join us for one of our Day Visit Programs.  We offer three different program packages from 1.5 hours on up to 3 hours.
  • Learn all about the focus animal in our spring Saturday One-Day Workshop.  It changes each spring.
  • Join us for one or two of six, week-long Summer Programs every summer.  Each one has a little different focus.
  • Join us for the Jr. Vet. Program Week.  We have taught on horses, donkeys, baby bunnies, goats or lambs, etc.  It changes each summer.
  • Stay overnight with us for our Farmer For A Day Program.
  • "Gab With A Goat" on Zoom as a new on-line but live, question and answer session about a goat's (or miniature horse, a miniature donkey, a dachshund dog or Flemish Giant rabbit) health needs, care, housing, vet. care, feed, predators, etc.

Join us for one of our spring Open Houses, a Pumpkin Pick Fall Festival or Santa Day event. 

Email [email protected], www.OldMcDonaldsFarm.org

We look forward to hearing from you.  Volunteers are always needed also.  We thank you.

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