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7654 N Delaware Ave 97217
Portland Village School is a Public Waldorf charter school in the Portland Public school district. We serve approximately 420 students living in the greater Portland area, from grades kindergarten through eighth. PVS is a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.

Our Mission: To advance a public Waldorf education that teaches respect and reverence by developing the head, heart, and hands of children from all backgrounds and cultures.

Waldorf education is a joyous and developmentally-focused learning model. Waldorf schools cultivate and hold space for children to be children and nurture the creative development of the whole person. We seek to develop a reverence and recognition of the beauty in our world, for living things, and our interconnectedness.
Our educational program is developmentally focused to meet the needs of the whole child: head (mind), heart (emotional) and hands (physical). To this end our students experience a learning model that is designed to provide balance to all aspects of human experience. In addition to following Common Core State Standards, PVS offers a curriculum rich with literacy, arts, Spanish language, history, and cultural studies. PVS students enjoy integrated learning blocks, enlivened by daily art integration in the classroom.

PVS daily rhythms and community building activities are designed to strengthen social relationships and deepen restorative justice practice. Morning routines of poems, songs and cross body movement develop neural connections for students and set the instructional tone for the day. Main lesson block formats allow for integrated instruction in science, social studies, cultural studies, ELA, and math. All PVS students (grades 1-8) also participate in weekly Spanish language classes, music, handwork arts, and physical education movement classes.

Waldorf schools guide students to become cultural creators and producers, developing within students the capacities of clear perception, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, empathy, compassion, determination, and the confidence to take action.

Thank you for your interest in Portland Village School and public Waldorf education!

Phone: 503-445-0056
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