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8785 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, Oregon 97225

Rose City Rhythmic provides unique opportunities to children ages 5 and up. Our club is a safe environment where kids can become comfortable in their own skin and learn to express themselves through movement and art

Rhythmic Gymnastics combines the athleticism and coordination of Artistic Gymnastics, with the beauty, grace and musicality of dance.

Rose City Rhythmic has programs starting from recreational and go all the way up to competitive levels, where you can find which level suits you best. We offer in person and online classes to accommodate whatever it is your needs may be.

Our coaches come from national and worldwide stages where they each incorporate their own unique experiences, skills and knowledge into their coaching. Our goal is to help athlete’s dreams become reality and give them a place where hard work and joy can co-exist.

Your child will improve their flexibility, coordination, concentration, stamina and diligence, but they will also learn life skills and be able to make decisions applicable to all areas and aspects of their life to come.

We take pride in helping our athletes strive to achieve personal bests by providing them with the support and challenges they need to succeed.

If you like to have fun, dance, create, dream, work, and be on a team, Rose City Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is the place for you!

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