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Join us on the farm for fun and exploration at Farm Camp.

Come for spring break or spend a whole week exploring the farm in the farm this summer. At the Sauvie Island Center's Farm Camp children spend their days exploring beautiful  Topaz Farm, while soaking up the fresh air and learning about the natural world. Each day at camp is a new adventure as we investigate the science behind how our food grows.

Spring break camp begins Tuesday, 3/22  and runs through Friday, 3/25.  Each day will offer a different theme. Campers can participate in a single day, or register for all four and receive a discount.

Day 1: March 22 – Food Web Through food webs, all living things are interconnected. Students will gain an understanding of the food web (producers, consumers, and decomposers), and recognize that all living things get their energy from the sun.

Day 2: March 23 – Plant Parts and Seed to Harvest Campers will learn about all six parts of the plant, including their function, how to identify each part, and which parts we eat on various plants. Through these lessons campers will learn about the life cycle of plants from seed to harvest!

Day 3: March 24 – Soil and Compost Students investigate the four elements of healthy soil (water, air, organic materials, minerals), and meet the residents of a vermi-compost bin!

Day 4: March 25 (Family Day): Dig in to all SIC curriculum topics and the interconnectedness of nature We will cover pieces of each of our lessons in the morning. After a lunch break we will spend the afternoon exploring the garden and creating garden-themed arts and crafts near by.

Summer camp runs Monday, 7/18 - 7/22 and  again Monday, 7/25 - 7/29.  Through traditional camp activities—like games, camp songs, arts and crafts and more—we’ll focus on different parts of the Sauvie Island Center curriculum including:

  • Soil Exploration: Dig in and learn about healthy soil.
  • Seed to Harvest: Plant, tend and harvest the Grow Lunch Garden.
  • Plant Parts Investigation: Explore the farm and plants we can eat.
  • Wildlife & Food Web: Who else has been foraging on the farm?
  • Pollination Station: Meet these hard-working farm friends.
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