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6516 Northeast Siskiyou Street, Portland, OR, USA 97213

At Sunbreak Speech Therapy, we know that what you want more than anything right now is for your loved one to be understood by people around you. For that to happen though, you need an experienced guide who listens to your concerns and ensures your loved one meet their goals. The problem is, past therapists haven’t gone the extra mile to make therapy work for your family, which makes you worry they will never improve.

At Sunbreak Speech Therapy, we believe it is not fair that you haven’t received the help you deserve. We understand that you may feel frustrated about how difficult communication is for your loved one and life isn’t what you expected it to be. You may feel isolated and not know where to find a professional that understands your concerns. That’s why we ask questions that may not have been asked before, then actually listen! Our job is to ensure we look at the whole picture to recognize the basis of the issue so we can effectively treat each client. This is how we are able to create confident people that can enjoy interactions with the people in their lives.

Here’s how it works.

First book your initial appointment to see one of our highly experienced therapists for a comprehensive evaluation, from there we’ll create a treatment plan tailored to your individual goals. This will include regular sessions that work with your schedule including a strong home program to maximize your therapy experience.

So give us a call today so you can stop feeling stuck not knowing what to do next. Don’t let one more day go by feeling helpless. Our specialists are ready to help clients live their best life.

Phone: 503-266-1030
Organization Email: info@speechwithsarah.com
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