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818 Southeast Lambert Street, Portland, Oregon 97202
The Violet Garden Program provides a warm, magical and nurturing experience for young children. Children's eyes, fingers and imaginations enjoy the natural materials in a beautiful home. Imaginative play is the foundation for the program, providing a strong foundation for abstract thinking which is crucial for later academic success.
The focus in the Violet Garden is on the social, emotional and physical development of the child. The child's creative and imaginative capacities are allowed to flourish as s/he discovers and learns about their world through their experiences and interactions with those around them.
During the Preschool years we seek to awaken and support the child's creative and playful nature and to nurture their sense of wonder and gratitude. The concept is fostered that the tasks of daily living are fun and joyful. The children learn to become social beings, able to help and be helped by those around them. They delight in the festivals of the year, including their own birthdays. They gain an inner well-being as they feel part of their world.
With all this in mind, we offer children opportunities to participate in these creative and practical activities: painting, baking, coloring, gardening, free play, songs, games, crafts, storytelling and puppetry.

Phone: 503-230-0089
Organization Email: honoryourchild@yahoo.com


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