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Tigard Playschool’s preschool program is play-based and child-led with caring and experienced teachers. As a play-based preschool, our curriculum planning focuses on the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the children in each class. As a result, we are known for our creative art, sensory science, enthusiastic music and movement activities, outdoor play, field trips, and engaging dramatic play area, with themes that change monthly.

Classes offered for 2021-2022:
2's class: Tu/Th 9-12 pm (age 2 by 9/1/21)
3's class: M/W/F 9-12 pm (age 3 by 9/1/21)
PreK: M/Tu/W/Th 9-1 pm (age 4 by 9/1/21)

To encourage child-led exploration, our classrooms are organized into distinct learning centers and materials are carefully selected for each area so that no matter where children choose to spend their time, they are learning. Tigard Playschool gives young children the opportunity to learn how to play in a group with other children their own age while discovering new and exciting activities through our play-based curriculum. Our classes for 2 to young 6-year-olds are designed to help children develop independence and self-confidence and a positive attitude toward school. While they play, your children will learn and develop small and large motor skills, speaking and listening skills and other important pre-literacy skills. Our program encourages children’s individuality while teaching them to respect the rights of others and to cooperate with the group.

Tigard Playschool is a cooperative preschool, where parents and children learn and play together alongside our dedicated team of caring and experienced teachers. We see parents as our partners in educating children, and as a result our students benefit and so do our families.  The benefits of joining a cooperative preschool extend well beyond low tuition and high teacher-to student ratios, however.  Parents help the teachers in the classroom, are given opportunities for education and form the voting body that makes critical decisions about the school’s administration.  We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is operated by a group of parents who take an active interest in their children’s first educational experience.

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