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7217 se 70th ave 97206

Tumbleweed Infant and Preschool Houses (open now!) provide an inclusive, progressive environment that  * Optimizes individualized, holistic development *  Prioritizes connection with the natural world, movement, presence, respect, and heart-felt interest *  Fosters secure attachments that are a safe space to build skills in calm and conflict * Promotes a dynamic understanding of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers as active participants * Engages in mindful, emergent, antibias, Anti-racist, and community-oriented pedagogy and business practices. Tumbleweed has been operating with a small number of families as an Emergency Child Care since April 1st and is already well-practiced in the new state mandated guidelines. New families will be joining a community committed to:

  •  Health and sanitation - including procedures for entering care daily, supervised and frequent handwashing, enhanced cleaning throughout the day, staggered meal service, face coverings for adults, and state-required exclusions policies.
  • Social distancing - all families and teachers consider Tumbleweed their social “pod” and are otherwise maintaining social distance.
  • Teacher support - our stellar teachers provide safe, consistent care because we provide safe, consistent employment with competitive wages, health insurance, and paid leave.
  • Antibias and antiracist practices - all families and teachers have committed to both immediate and long-term efforts to build Tumbleweed’s capacity to be an inclusive, diverse, and antiracist space.

Please contact us for more information. Www.tumbleweedinfanthouse.com Info@tumbleweedinfanthouse.com  

Phone: 9715063625
Organization Email: Info@tumbleweedinfanthouse.com
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