Going out for breakfast on the weekend with small children is something we actively avoid. Usually the kiddos demand breakfast the minute they pop out of bed. So the thought of waiting in an hours-long brunch line does not appeal to anyone. However our morning venture to the new Kitchen Sink Food + Drink was a successful trip, mainly due to quick service and the menu offering items my kids love for breakfast.

The new spot on East Burnside feels more modern coffee shop than homey breakfast joint. But as soon as we scooted in the door, we were warmly welcomed. My 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son attempted to climb into the pastry case to check out the goods. Once I wrangled them away, we ordered at the counter and then found a table.


I did not spot any high chairs, but my 3-year-old son was fine sitting on one of the stools at a tall table. Pro tip: They don’t have any toys or coloring pages, so bring something from home to keep the kiddos busy. I had brought notebooks and colored pencils, so they drew while we waited for our food, which came out quickly.

Almost every morning my son asks me, “Do we have gagola?” That’s 3-year-old for “granola,” which I usually only make once a month, if he’s lucky. But Kitchen Sink offered homemade granola and fruit with a choice of steamed milk or yogurt. We got one of each, since my daughter loves it with plain yogurt ($6.50), but my son prefers milk ($5.50). Once their bowls arrived we didn’t hear a peep from them until their bowls were just about empty.

I tried the bacon egg sandwich ($6.50) which also featured arugula, cheddar and caramelized onion cream cheese on a housemade whole-wheat sourdough English muffin. (All the sandwiches come on those exceptionally good English muffins.) My husband ordered the spicy chorizo sandwich ($7.50), which also came with arugula, a spicy aioli and cheddar. We both agreed the sandwiches were winners.

And we had to try some of the housemade pastries that my kids had been eyeing. Unfortunately a lot of them had some sort of spicy element (e.g. a cranberry-chipotle muffin) that I knew would get a big thumbs down from the kids. So we opted for a salted chocolate chunk cookie ($2.25) and a little poppyseed cake topped with lemon curd. Those got thumbs up all around, even from my daughter, who does not normally like lemon.

The bottom line: While Kitchen Sink did not offer a separate kids menu or even kid necessities like high chairs or a changing table, the welcoming atmosphere and super delicious sandwiches, granola and baked goods more than made up for it.


2250 E. Burnside St. kitchensinkfoods.com

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