From our friends at NW Adventure Company:

NW Adventure Company is an outdoor education organization dedicated to providing innovative, exciting, and approachable nature-based programming in the Pacific NW. They specialize in teaching ancestral and traditional skills such as: archery, fiber arts, homesteading, storytelling, carving and whittling, botany and herbalism, nature presence, conservation, and fishing. They offer adventures that are designed to be engaging and accessible so that students come home excited about their day.

Programs Offered

Summer Camp (including a partnership with Top Flight Disc Golf)
Weekend Excursion
A wide array of specialty programs for both kids and adults!

Summer 2022

The Adventure Co. “themeless model” allows for each day to be a new adventure and also for the campers to have agency in their week. Their camps are adaptable to the weather and environment for maximum accessibility and fun. Activities range from bow making clinics and live-range archery to fantasy quests. Armed with a stellar curriculum, ample creativity, and thorough safety training, the fantastic Adventure Co. instructors ride along with campers to local outdoor spaces such as city and state parks.

The Portland area is so fortunate to have an incredible variety of settings for outdoor activities. From the Pacific Ocean to the slopes of Mount Hood; from the tallest sitka spruce to the smallest bunchberry; from the angriest Anna’s hummingbird to the majestic osprey, the setting of Adventure Co. programming allows campers to explore the myriad natural wonders the northwest has to offer.

One exciting addition is the Adventure Co.’s new partnership with Top Flight Disc Golf. In the mornings, campers will get a chance to have small group instruction on disc golf technique, etiquette, and gear. And in the afternoon, partake in some of our outdoor adventure activities.

Want to See More?

The NW Adventure Company website offers more information about who we are and what we do.

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