From our friends at Portland Preschool of the Arts

Designed for kids 3-5 years old.
From 9am to 1pm daily.
Sign up for one week or all six.

Each week our camp takes a deep dive into a different theme to teach our kids about the wonderful world we live in. From Rainforests to Oceans, Bugs to Pirates, our arts based camp is designed to introduce campers to the tools that help them explore the reaches of their imagination!

Our camp days are broken up with indoor time where much of our art making activities happen, and outdoor-action time at the large lawn outside our classroom! With activities for everyone, your camper will join in dance parties, group sing-alongs, group games, and more!

We believe at The Portland Preschool of the Arts that every kid deserves a high-quality art education that is targeted towards each child’s unique interests and skillset. We take pride in creating a welcoming and safe environment for campers that helps unleash their inner artist while having fun with new friends!

Here’s a look at what we are offering this year.

Week 1: Your Yard
July 10 – July 14
This week is all about crafts for the garden! To start off our favorite season to be outdoors, we’ll help every camper create an enchanted outdoor space  by making our very own wind chimes, bird feeders, fairy houses, and more!

Week 2: Dinosaurs
July 17 – July 21
Calling all dino-lovers! This week we are talking everyone’s favorite extinct reptiles. And don’t worry, there’s no need to bring your excavation tools, future paleontologists. We’ll be learning about the prehistoric world as we make dinosaur garlands, Brachiosaurus skeletons, and T-rex Dino Egg Puppets! What favorite dino of yours will inspire your great craft this week?

Week 3: Beach
July 24 – July 28
Portland may be a couple hours away from the ocean, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about a day at the Coast! This week, we’ll be exploring the great blue Pacific and all the biodiversity that lives under the waves. With art projects from whale flowerpots to jellyfish art, sailboats scenes to indoor sand castles, every camper will come home with a newfound appreciation for everyone’s favorite summer hang spot!

Week 4: Backyard Bugs
August 7 – August 11
It’s time to talk about some of the tiniest members of our ecosystem who keep world turning- BUGS! For any ladybug enthusiast, this is your time to fly – and make some pretty cool art while you’re at it. We’ll learn all about the life cycle of butterflies, make our very own bug catchers and observation jars, and craft bug mobiles. We’re getting ANT-sy just thinking about it!                            

Week 5: Pirates
August 14 – August 18
It’s summer vacation, that means it’s time for some ARR and ARR!  Yup. It’s PIRATE WEEK!  We’ll be making our own treasure maps, pirate ships, and gold-filled treasure chests as we set sail on a new adventure to learn about life on the high seas. Yo ho, yo ho! What a plunderful week this will be!                          

Week 6: Rainforest Animals
August 21 – August 25
It’s almost the end of summer, no time to be slothing around. This week we’re learning all about the animals of the rainforest! Whether your favorite animal is the cheetah or the monkey, the toucan or the snake, this is the perfect week to make art about some of the most beautiful species on the planet! Safari gear not required.

Thank you for taking the time and all of your support PDX!

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