Featured School of the Week: 12 Co-op Preschools

From our friends at parentchildpreschools.org:

Kids Learn Best Through Hands-On Play! Here are 12 preschools teaching how little brains learn best!


Mt. Tabor Preschool: A great fit if you’re looking for a school with post-Covid health in mind! Mt. Tabor practices robust health protocols, has Covid vaccine requirements, ongoing masking requirements, and an upgraded HVAC system pumping in fresh air year round! Open House Jan. 28.

Kenilworth Community Preschool: At Kenilworth, children expand their capabilities, create friendships, and develop problem-solving skills through self-led exploration. From art with loose parts to hide-and-seek on the playground, classrooms are full of opportunities to grow. This community of teachers, parents and students collaborate to create the village needed to raise thriving children. Open House Feb. 4.

Brooklyn Cooperative Preschool (SE): Brooklyn believes children and parents benefit from a shared learning atmosphere. Their school fosters community and a shared responsibility for children, while playing an active role in their preschool experience. Open House Feb. 4.

Hancock Street Preschool (Irvington): Curiosity, community and creativity collide at this historic play-based school. Hancock understands children are capable of constructing knowledge through play and meaningful real-world experiences. They value the uniqueness of each child and family. Open House Feb.4.


Tigard Playschool: At Tigard, families learn and play together alongside caring and experienced teachers. Students learn through self-directed exploration, regularly changing art, science, math, dramatic play and literacy centers; music and movement activities; outdoor play, field trips; and special projects. Low student-to-teacher ratios and lower tuition than traditional private preschools! pen House Jan. 21.

Youngset Preschool (Goose Hollow):  Youngset’s preschool experience builds on the natural curiosity each child is born with. They encourage children to explore their own interests in a warm, caring, child-centered environment. You’ll find child-led learning, low child:adult ratios in the classroom, enrichment programs, a playground, and even an indoor gym! Open Houses Jan.26 (virtual) / Jan. 28.

Southwest Parent Child Collective (Gabriel Park): For over 50 years, SWPCC has supported families through their play-based, parent-run model. With award winning teachers, and a curriculum that serves the whole child and family, SWPCC serves children as young as one with flexible, four hour days!

Cedar Hills Kindergarten and Preschool (SW): With an enriching play-based program, teachers, parents, and children create a nurturing, caring space for children to grow through meaningful play. Students develop collaborative relationships and explore environments, experiences, and activities that encourage curiosity and wonder. Virtual Open House Jan 18.

Ashcreek Playschool (Beaverton): Ashcreek students learn through their senses — socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually., while teaching foundational life skills, nurturing curiosity, creativity and kindness through play-based learning indoors and out. Ashcreek is an affordable four hour program with flexible days with after care!

Metzger (SW): Kids play with intention as creative structure building teaches science and math; art is a process – children experiment with different mediums daily and their work evolves over time. Literature and music emerge through playing with play dough or role playing; students take the lead and teachers guide – developing social skills, all while playing!

Creative Hands (Tigard): Creative Hands inspires children’s creativity and fosters a lifelong love of learning while growing socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Their community’s built around the development and support of children, thriving with a culture of compassion, creativity, and problem-solving.

Woodhaven (SW): If you’re looking for a nature,  play based, Waldorf inspired co-o nestled in a 3-acre fir tree forest, welcome home! Children and parents play outside everyday regardless of the weather, and  families leave with a  passion for learning, community, resiliency, environmental awareness and stewardship. Open House Feb. 6/Mar. 2.

Find links to all of these fabulous schools and their open house dates here.

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