Cultivating Intellect, Character & Creativity
Arbor School of Arts & Sciences is a small learning community founded on the premise that education is decisive and enduring to the degree that it supports the development of intellect, character, and creativity.

Arbor School of Arts & Sciences takes as its goals to:

  • Encourage individual talents so that each child may become an imaginative, independent thinker with a strong sense of self-worth
  • Promote learning as an integrated, interdisciplinary process rather than as a series of isolated subjects
  • Provide an environment where responsibility and sensitivity to the group are balanced by respect for the autonomy and integrity of the individual
  • Create a climate of self-discipline, trust, and mutual regard
  • Help students acquire the tools of inquiry and expression through the study of important ideas, so that each may construct a personally meaningful understanding of the world

Arbor School was founded as a learning environment in which a diverse set of individuals can flourish and contribute to a vibrant, thoughtful and hardworking community. We think of children as full of promise and look forward to working with our parents in helping their children to develop intellectual and creative powers while growing skills in working harmoniously with others. Admission depends on the School’s determination of its ability to enhance the growth of the child, the potential for the child to enrich the school community, and the parent’s commitment to collaborating with the school on behalf of the child.

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