Featured School of the Week: Bridges Middle School

From our friends at Bridges Middle School

Bridges is the only middle school in Oregon specifically designed for students with learning differences to reach their maximum potential — in a loving, nurturing atmosphere centrally located in downtown Portland.

Bridges’ small class settings for 5th-8th graders incorporate individualized academics with social skills, therapies, and support that set the foundation for future success.

For many Bridges students, this means the difference between effective learning and being passed along. It means positive social and emotional growth rather than isolation or, worse, bullying. In our small classes, nothing is left to chance. Students are not expected to ‘pick up’ material. Instead, they are taught how to learn using effective individualized instruction in reading, writing, science, social studies, and mathematics. They learn self-advocacy and social skills. Most of all, they are safe, and supported, and able to grow.

Parents say Bridges is quite literally a lifesaver.

At Bridges, students learn another way forward. Bridges’ goal is to give students with learning differences the academic foundation, social skills and confidence they need to graduate ready to succeed in high school and in the community. Here is what makes Bridges such a special place:

  • Individualized learning and attention. Bridges Middle School does more than prepare our students for high school. They transform lives. Students with learning differences experience academic success and personal growth. Learning to navigate school — and life — with confidence and competence. Students leave Bridges with self-awareness and the tools to accomplish their goals despite their learning differences.
  • Small Classes. Big Results. Bridges’ students flourish in a community of supportive teachers and peers. Bridges maintains a student-teacher ratio of twelve to one and often even lower, compared with other public and private settings where class sizes often average 30 or more. This unique context allows individualized assistance, the development of a deep understanding of our students’ needs, and the ability to tailor lessons to build on the strengths and creative interests of each child.
  • Parents say Bridges is quite literally a lifesaver. Bridges offers a range of social and emotional support to students and their families. Their team of teachers, counselors and administrators bring a wide range of expertise from diverse backgrounds. They help students understand the complex nuances of middle school culture, provide responsive services for challenges that arise within the school community, and assist individual students by providing support and coaching at different stages of need.

Learn about Bridges Middle School’s unique academic program, application process and important admission deadlines at their Open House on Saturday, October 19 2019, 10 am-11 am. Call 503-506-0792 to RSVP.

Admission inquiries for the 2020/21 school year are now being accepted online at BridgesMS.org. Space is limited. Preference given to 5th grade applicants.

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