Featured School of the Week: Catlin Gabel School

Open House at Catlin Gabel School
October 30, 2022 I Noon to 4 p.m.

Families and students are invited to take a guided tour of the school’s facilities and spaces, learn about academic and co-curricular programs, and meet with teachers, administrators, enrollment and financial assistance directors, as well as current students to discover the benefits of a Catlin Gabel education.

With a total enrollment of 780 students, the campus is a close-knit community for students of every age. The campus also has unique learning spaces and outdoor areas for each division – Beginning and Lower School (preschool-5th grade), Middle School (6-8th grade), and Upper School (9-12th).

Learning through Experience
Progressive education is founded on the idea that students learn best when they are actively engaged, which is why classes focus on creative thinking, hands-on experimentation, and reflective observation. Students are encouraged to ask questions, explore ideas, and build upon their understandings. All learning is based on four principles: inquiry based, educating for democracy, teaching the whole child, and experiential learning.

Connections with Teachers and Specialists
Classes are intentionally smaller to build connections. Dedicated teachers take the time to get to know their students as individuals. It is with their support, enthusiasm, and knowledge that students gain confidence in their unique skills and abilities, helping them become lifelong learners and leaders. Each division has its own library, with dedicated librarians; there are also school counselors, learning specialists, and staff within the Equity and Inclusion office to support student learning.

The Campus
In addition to the main divisional buildings, there are learning spaces for music, theater, art, woodshop and ceramics, world languages, math, science, and engineering and robotics, as well as athletics. The 67-acre campus is also home to a fir grove, playing fields, stream, and trails through the woods.

Co-Curricular Programs
Middle and Upper School students have access to a range of activities that further support their growth and development. There are clubs and affinity groups, the Outdoor Education program, the Engineering program, the Global Educational program, and the Athletics Program, which is home to 10 Varsity sports, as well as Junior Varsity programs.

See the schedule of events by division and register at catlin.edu/openhouse.

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