Featured School of the Week: Multnomah Playschool

From our friends at Multnomah Playschool

Nestled amongst the trees in Southwest Portland is Multnomah Playschool, Oregon’s longest running parent cooperative preschool. For 73 years, Multnomah Playschool (MPS) has provided excellent and affordable early childhood education to Portland families; bringing a whole child perspective to play-based, child-lead curriculum. At MPS, parents and educators work together to create a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 3-5 to thrive and grow.

Little School, Big Heart

Multnomah Playschool strives to create a dynamic learning environment where kids are encouraged to fully be themselves while playing, exploring, and learning! MPS’s Director and Lead Teacher, Amanthus Lunn, believes children learn about their world and a sense of self through their relationships with each other. Calling upon her knowledge in child development and neurodiversity, Teacher Amanthus creates engaging and stimulating classroom environments focused around children’s awareness of themselves, their peers and their community. Working in tandem with Teacher Amanthus is MPS’s longtime assistant teacher, Teacher Lisa. Teacher Lisa has over 15-years of experience working with preschoolers. Together, they welcome each child into a vibrant learning environment.

Play is Messy

Children at Multnomah Playschool are welcomed to explore with freedom. MPS provides access to a plethora of creative materials allowing children’s imaginations to flourish. Activities such as finger painting, sensory tables, and digging in muddy gardens encourage creativity while providing gross and fine motor skills development. Feelings can be messy too. MPS’s program guides children in learning how to navigate their world with empathy. At MPS children are encouraged to express themselves as well as appreciate differences through teacher-guided projects and discussions.

Let’s Get Outside

MPS believes in the importance of spending time in nature. Outdoor play is integral to MPS’s daily curriculum and, rain or shine, the children spend significant time outside every day! MPS is lucky to have a beautiful outdoor play space, designed by a playscape naturalist, to fully engage developing minds.

Anti-Bias Curriculum and Community Outreach

Multnomah Playschool is committed to creating a better world for all children. A key aspect of this mission is to incorporate an anti-bias based curriculum. Leveraging her degree in bicultural education, Teacher Amanthus seeks to continually expand the anti-bias focus across many aspects of the daily learnings. Additionally, Teacher Amanthus organizes projects such as coat drives, food drives and self-care kits for the houseless to promote a greater connection to the community at large.

COVID19 Health and Safety

Multnomah Playschool takes the health and safety of its community very seriously. In doing so, MPS follows all Oregon Early Learning Division COVID19 protocols. Health and safety guidelines for Early Education can be found on https://oregonearlylearning.com/COVID-19-Resources

MPS Virtual Open House: Thursday, February 18th @ 7:00 pm

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Meeting ID: 899 7235 3534

Please contact MPS for questions about the program: membership@multnomahplayschool.com

For more information on Multnomah Playschool: www.multnomahplayschool.com

IG: @teacheramanthus

FB: https://www.facebook.com/multnomahplayschool

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