Featured School of the Week: Rosebud Preschool

From our friends at Rosebud Preschool:

Introducing Rosebud Preschool: Portland’s only Reggio-based, intergenerational preschool.

Courtesy Rosebud Preschool

Rose Villa retirement community has opened Rosebud Preschool, an innovative new preschool for children 2-5 years old that combines the highly regarded Italian approach to early childhood education with intergenerational learning. Rosebud’s program is based on educational ideas developed in Reggio-Emilia, Italy, and widely embraced in the United States. Reggio-inspired programs are based on the belief that children are strong and competent, deserve respect, and have the right to the best education and care that a society can offer.

Curriculum in Reggio schools emerges from children’s curiosity and social interactions. The program involves in-depth project work that reflects children’s interests as determined by teachers’ observations. Children are encouraged to represent their environment and their experiences through many modes of expression, referred to as “The Hundred Languages of Children.” These may include drawing, painting, working in clay, sculpting, constructing, conversing, and dramatic play. Educators in Reggio Emilia believe that these languages must be nurtured, celebrated, and documented.

The physical environment of a Reggio school honors the child’s right to have a beautiful, functional space in which to work and play. The learning environment is sometimes referred to as the “third teacher,” because children construct understanding of the world through their interactions with it. Teachers are children’s partners as they work to support discovery and learning.

Mirrors, plants, and large windows combine to create a visually pleasing environment. High-quality art supplies, including paints and clay, as well as recycled materials and natural objects, are attractively arranged, often by color, on open shelves within the children’s reach. Children’s work is prominently displayed. Photographs of them working and transcriptions of their questions and comments are mounted and displayed with the actual work so that children and parents can observe them.

Rosebud Preschool combines the colorful, creative, child-centered approach of Reggio schools with opportunities for intergenerational learning. It brings together people of different generations—children, their family members, and retirement community residents for ongoing, mutually rewarding planned activities. These interactions benefit children and adults and promote greater understanding and respect between generations.

A growing body of research shows that everyone benefits when generations interact in supportive settings. Children’s academic skills are enhanced, they show greater empathy toward older adults and are more willing to form friendships with them. Parents have better relationships and communication with the older members of their families. And older adults who participate report less social isolation, greater sense of social support and community, as well as more positive attitudes towards youth.

At Rosebud highly trained staff members work in a beautiful new preschool environment to create and implement a Reggio inspired program, which also features a carefully designed and supervised program of interaction with Rose Villa residents. Elders who have specialized skills engage children in creative activities like art, stitchery, ceramics and basket weaving. Others read stories and conduct nature studies. Children also have supervised opportunities to interact with elders who live in Madrona Grove, the Rose Villa Supportive Living Neighborhood, adjacent to the preschool.

Rosebud Preschool features:
• Toddler and preschool classes
• Small, nurturing community of children, families, and elders
• Warm, nurturing learning environment
• Support for all areas of development
• Meaningful, play-based, hands-on learning
• Emphasis on creative expression
• Intergenerational experiences

To see if our unique interpretation of Reggio education in an intergenerational setting is a good fit for your child and family, we invite you to learn more—contact Intergenerational Program Director Jennifer Loring to schedule a video chat or arrange a tour.

Courtesy Rosebud Preschool
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