From our friends at Tumble and Learn Preschool:

Tumble and Learn Preschool: Where Education Meets Adventure in an Exciting Gym Space!

Calling all parents  in Clackamas, Oregon! If you’re searching for a preschool that blends learning with pure fun, say hello to Tumble and Learn Preschool! We’re all about making education an exciting adventure for your little ones.

Imagine a cool gym space where your kids can unleash their inner explorers. With two fully matted floors for extra safety, they can bounce back from anything. Our gym is decked out with a trampoline, rope swing, and climbing ladders—it’s like a mini jungle gym of dreams! Every day brings a new setup, keeping their imagination running wild with endless fun. We’re not just about playtime — learning is our secret superpower! Our amazing teachers have a knack for turning counting, letters, colors, weather, and the calendar into a game-packed adventure. Your little whiz-kids will be having so much fun, they won’t want to leave for home!

We’ve got a cozy atmosphere, too. With just 16 students in each class, your little one gets all the attention they deserve. We’re not just teachers; we’re their biggest cheerleaders! Our exciting curriculum sparks creativity and curiosity, and they’ll be running home every day, eager to show off their new skills.

Our vision at Tumble and Learn Preschool is to create a learning environment that nurtures both the mind and the body. Our gym space, with its two fully matted floors, provides a safe and comfortable area for children to move, play, and develop their physical abilities. As they explore the trampoline, swing on the rope, and tackle the climbing ladders, they build strength, balance, and confidence. The ever-changing play setups add a sense of adventure and keep the excitement alive, making sure your kids are thrilled to come to school every day!

But it’s not just about play; we understand that each child learns differently. Our passionate teachers take pride in reinforcing the basics in the most entertaining ways possible. Through games and interactive activities, they turn learning into a joyous experience. The classroom becomes a wonderland of counting quests, letter adventures, and color treasure hunts — making education a delightful journey for your little ones.

In our small classes of just 16 students each, we ensure that your child receives the personalized attention they deserve. We value each child’s uniqueness and embrace their individual learning styles. Our caring and dedicated educators ignite their curiosity and creativity, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.Our fully equipped classroom is a hub of exploration and discovery. From hands-on experiments to engaging lessons, we provide a stimulating environment that sparks intellectual growth. The reading room offers a quiet and inviting space for children to dive into the magical world of books. Your kids will develop a love for reading, unlocking endless adventures through their imaginations.

At Tumble and Learn Preschool, we cherish the sense of community that comes from learning and growing together. Your children will form meaningful connections with their peers, developing valuable social skills and fostering lasting friendships. As parents and caregivers, you’ll become part of our extended family, sharing in the joy of your child’s progress and accomplishments. So, if you’re on the hunt for a preschool that brings joy and growth together, look no further! Join our fantastic community at Tumble and Learn Preschool and watch your child’s excitement about learning soar.

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