A Chicken In Every Pot

A slow cooker dinner solution for the busy back-to-school season.


School is back in session, and just as the hours of daylight are decreasing, so is your free time. Our solution? Pull out the slow cooker, a busy parent’s secret weapon for delicious home-cooked meals, even on the most hectic of weekdays. Not only does a slow cooker take much of the work out of meal preparation, it can transform an inexpensive cut of meat into tender perfection. On top of all this, most slow cookers can handle 6 or 7 quarts of food, so you can easily feed the whole family and still have food to reheat later in the week.

This recipe includes chicken and broccoli, two traditional kid-pleasing favorites. The sweetness of the coconut milk is an extra incentive for the littles. Best of all, it includes protein, vegetable and starch all in one pot, so clean up should be a breeze.



4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

Sea salt and pepper to taste

1 cup brown rice

1 medium onion, chopped

1 can coconut milk

2 cups chicken broth

2 cups chopped broccoli

Salt and pepper the chicken (about ½ teaspoon of each should do it.) Place all ingredients except for the broccoli in a slow cooker and cook on low for 5 hours. Add broccoli and cook an additional hour, or a little less if you like your broccoli with a little snap. Top with grated Parmesan (or other favorite cheese) and chopped parsley, if desired. n

Nutrition tips:

  • For maximum nutrient absorption, soak rice for 4 hours or overnight before cooking. Soaking and sprouting grains enhances their digestibility as well as B vitamin and mineral content.
  • Coconut milk provides healthy, medium-chain fats that support immunity and thyroid health. To avoid BPA lining in cans, choose brands such as Natural Value or Native Forest.
  • Don’t feel like chopping? Frozen broccoli can do the trick.
  • Kids not a fan of brown rice? Try long grain or basmati varieties.

To learn more about nutrition from New Seasons Market, visit newseasonsmarket.com/our-departments/nutrition. Have a nutrition question? You can email Christi at askthenutritionist(at)newseasonsmarket.com.

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