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Art of STEM Toys & Books delivers smart fun for tinkers and makers. Celebrate science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, and the power of a great story.

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About Us

aos_moleculesWe are engineers, scientists, math geeks, techies, and educators with a passion for project based learning. After building a successful and acclaimed National STEM League for middle and high school students, our team decided to take a joyful detour. The whole family moved to Portland, Oregon to open a STEM focused space providing games, toys, books, and experiences for kids.

St. Johns neighborhood in North Portland is home to the first of what we hope will be many Art of STEM locations in areas that might not normally be considered for innovation centered educational stores. Art of STEM is all about helping kids form a lifelong love of science, tech, engineering, math, and art.

  • Tinker and Maker Workshops
  • Coding, 3D Printing, and Technology
  • School's Out Camps
  • Toys, Games, and Books
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    Celebrate your big events with "smart fun for tinkers & makers!" Choose one of our themes, or work with us to craft your signature party. Seriously, we hosted a Princess Science Spy party over the summer. If you want to go with one of our themes, here are a few to ponder:

    Tinkers in Tutus© - Who doesn't like to mix dress-up and tinkering? (All ages)

    Reverse Engineering with Toys - Use real tools to take apart mechanical toys. Then reassemble them to create one-of-a-kind creations. (All ages)

    FastTrack Racing (RC Cars) - Radio control cars drive the fun as teams race through a series of challenges. (Ages 5 and up)

    ArtBots & Scribble Racers© - Let's use motors & electrical circuits to design and assemble art-making 'bots that paint, marker, and stamp their way from Start to Finish on our Scribble Racer Runway! (Ages 7 and up)

    SpyCraft - Secret codes, fingerprinting, chemistry, and "laser" mazes make this spy themed party a birthday to remember! (Ages 7 and up)

    Minecraft Explosion - Work together in a secure realm to design and build a fabulously enormous structure. Then use redstone, TNT, and command blocks to take it back down to the foundation. Options include access to the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Minecraft option. (Ages 8 and up with or without prior player experience)

    Dream.Draw.Design! - Take a design idea from concept to creation with drafting, design software, and 3D printing. (Ages 11 and up)

    Contact Us

    Jeannie Ruiz

    • Owner of Art of STEM Toys & Books
    • K-2 STEAM Curriculum Developer
    • Founder of Ten80 Education
    • Author of S.T.E.A.M.Tales for K-2 Classrooms
    • Social Entrepreneur

    Beverly Simmons

    • Selected as one of 100 Women Leaders in STEM
    • State Department STEM Speaker
    • GA Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Teaching Science Secondary Grades
    • Entrepreneur and Founder of Partners in STEM

    Jeff Thompson

    • Patent Holder in Clean Air Technology
    • Engineer for Alcoa, Chief Scientist for Dravo Industries Entrepreneur
    • Founder National STEM League
    • Passionate Artist
    • Author of In Pursuit of the Mysterious Missing Day

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    Art of STEM
    Art of STEM
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