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Learn together at Village Home! We are “home-away-from-home” for more than 500 homeschoolers and independent learners in the Pacific NW. Students choose the grade-free, test-free classes that interest them — much like community college for kids. Through our unique choice-based structure, families create a fully customized education designed to empower kids to own their education. In addition to our classes, we also have tutoring services, Choice Education Mentoring for Teens, and a part-time Day Program.

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Fast Facts

  • Learners choose from an assortment of classes, and create a unique learning plan for themselves with their families.
  • Learners are free to be themselves, free to spend time with their families, and free to learn what interests them.
  • In our grade-free, test-free environment, students engage in classes authentically for the sake of learning.
  • We are home-away-from-home for 500 independent students who take charge of their own education.
  • Most of our students are homeschoolers; some are charter school students.
  • The average student takes 5 classes a week at Village Home.
  • Village Home learners have won numerous regional, state, and national academic competitions, and have been accepted into top Universities.


  • Teachers create classes that reflect their genuine interests and passions and focus on active learning opportunities for the students.
  • Teachers are selected for their ability to inspire learning. They are hands-on and active.
  • Teachers enjoy the average size of 10, and have plenty of time to connect with all of the students.
  • Teachers are background checked for your student’s safety.


  • We offer a slate of 100’s of non-credit classes designed to engage and inform. Most classes meet for an hour a week across three, ten-week terms.
  • Village Home does not have a required curriculum. Learners select the classes that pique their interests, or that fill an academic need they have identified for themselves.
  • Our slate of offerings changes from year-to-year to reflect the world today.
  • Our grade-free, test-free environment enhances intrinsic motivation to learn.
  • Student input shapes the courses and outcomes for the class.
  • The focus is on enhancing engagement in the subject and in learning in general.
  • No required homework in the elementary grades, and in middle and high school grades, homework.
Day Program for Ages 6-13
The Village Home Day Program is an all-day, part-time program where kids are academically and socially engaged, and inspired to take ownership of their learning. We focus on cultivating the learner’s natural desire to learn in our grade-free, test-free setting. As a group, students will engaging in inquiry-based learning, and have plenty of opportunity to build their learning skills while also building their awareness of themselves and the world around them. Each day includes some free exploration time, some guided group learning opportunities, some individualized online learning, group project-based learning, and some independent work. We maintain our commitment to making learning fun and engaging, while also holding a high expectation for participation. We are applying over 15 years of experience with facilitating learning engagement to design this program to be a learner-friendly approach to education, with developmentally appropriate academic and social opportunities that support learner autonomy.

Families who value high quality educational opportunities as much as learner autonomy, and who are seeking academic and social enrichment on a part-time basis for their children will find a home at Village Home. In the Village Day program, the parent is still seen as the student’s primary educator. (Because this is a cohort-based program, learners in the program need to be functioning academically, socially, and emotionally at or above their grade level.)

8:30 am to 3:30 pm, 33 weeks a year
Mondays and Fridays, Beaverton, $3200/year, ages 6-13
Wednesday, NE PDX, $1600/year, ages 8-12

Independent Learning for Independent Minds

Own Your Learning and learn in a way that is relevant for you. Follow your interests and passions, and get educated in the world in the way that suits you best.

Choices is an education mentoring program where teens work one-on-one with an educator to develop an education plan that is relevant and exciting. We build from the teen’s passions and interests to help them develop an individualized educational experience. Our approach is decidedly different from the mainstream. We believe that learning is a lifelong process, and one that requires lots of freedom and self-direction if it is to be truly rewarding and satisfying. Our mentors are educators who enjoy helping teens develop into self-motivated, independent learners. We guide your teen through options, resources, and academics much like a travel agent. We look at where the learner is and where he or she wants to go and collaboratively make a map of how to get there. Through an authentic, personalized approach that promotes high standards through self-confidence and mastery, we help the learner create educational opportunities grounded in the world that reflect individual needs and desires. We have found that freedom in learning, when given with support and mentorship, is the best motivator of all.


What is included in the Community Learning Package:

  • One hour weekly mentoring sessions individually or in small groups with professional learning consultant.
  • Learning Plan Development with Mentor
  • Academic goal setting
  • End-of-Term narrative summary of learning completed by learner and mentor
  • Year-end Academic Record Report (not for HS credit)

Gallery of Videos

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Please note: Village Home rents space from our church landlords, but are not programmatically affiliated with them.

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