9 Ways to Display Your Kids' Art

Whatever the season, it seems there’s a never-ending inflow of kids’ art projects. While (please don’t tell my kids) most of this ends up in the recycling bin, there are those special pieces that you just can’t bear to throw away. Here are some ideas for displaying your kids’ artwork in a beautiful and creative way.

Photo: Simply Organized
  1. Keep it simple. Using a cork board for each kid allows you to easily swap in and out treasured pieces of artwork. It also lets kids be the boss of what to keep and what to toss, since they can easily pin it up themselves.
  2. Make a poster collage. Snap photos of your favorite artwork, and compile it into a poster like this one. Or you know, if you have $950 lying around, have someone else do it for you.
    Photo: The Caterpillar Years
  3. Create a gallery. Hang up colorful, empty frames to add a touch of class to your child’s playroom. They can choose what images to hang inside the frames.
  4. Hang it up. Using curtain rods to display your kids’ art work has several advantages. It’s easy to swap in and out. You can hang up art of all sizes with ease. And it just looks awesome!
    Photo: Creative Green Living
  5. Create an album. On my to do list for, oh, three years now – but still such a great idea. Take photos of your favorite pieces and compile them into a Shutterfly-type photo book.
  6. Update your fridge. Instead of the massive clutter of pictures stuck to your fridge (okay, okay – my fridge) try this. Create a few magnetized frames, and swap in and out photos within. The tutorial is here.
    Photo: Simple Shapes
  7. Dedicate a wall. This is such a cool idea. With peel and stick wallpaper with a frame motif, you can make your art wall anywhere. Varying sizes of the wallpaper frame give kids lots of flexibility with their projects. Prices start at $35 per sheet.
  8. Clip it. There’s very little set-up to this one—just hang a few clipboards from the wall. This one is great for displaying lots of art in a little space—you can always hang up multiple pieces on each board.
    Photo: My Little Bookcase
  9. Repurpose a shelf. Those photo shelves you can get at Ikea for a few bucks are also great for displaying framed kids’ artwork. Just change out the pictures inside the frames to mix up your display.
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