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Our 2024 Neighborhood Guide is a love letter to our vibrant city — plus one neighborhood in Southwest Washington! — from the colorful murals tucked in the Southeast neighborhood of Foster-Powell and the kid-approved dining options in Northeast’s Beaumont-Wilshire to the adventure-seeker’s mecca in the Troutdale suburb. Monthly dinners with the neighbors, group bike rides to school and easy access to the Sandy River are just a few reasons why Portlanders love where they live. Read on to discover the ways in which these neighborhoods make Portland a great place for families to visit or move to.

Why Vancouver is Great for Families

Here’s what makes this fast-growing city great for families.

Neighborhood We Love: West Linn

Many families find suburban bliss in Clackamas County’s West Linn.

Neighborhood We Love: Troutdale

The City of Troutdale, 16 miles east of downtown Portland along I-84, bills itself as the Gateway to the Columbia River Gorge.

Neighborhood We Love: Felida

Felida is a pocket neighborhood in northwest Vancouver, Washington located a quick hop off the I-5 and a 20-minute jump across the bridge.

Neighborhood We Love: Arbor Lodge

Arbor Lodge has plenty to offer the Portlander looking to stray off the beaten path or pop off the MAX line.

Neighborhood We Love: Beaumont-Wilshire

With a name that means “beautiful mountain” in French, the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood offers unsurprisingly lovely views of downtown Portland.

Neighborhood We Love: Foster-Powell

Foster-Powell, the triangle-shaped neighborhood tucked between Southeast Powell Boulevard and Southeast Foster Road, combines the best of new and old Portland.

Neighborhood We Love: Bridlemile

If you love the suburbs but hate a long commute, centrally located Bridlemile in Southwest Portland may be the perfect fit.

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Affordable Neighborhoods in Portland

Despite high interest rates, there are still affordable neighborhoods in Portland.

Neighborhood We Love: University Park

Like this North Portland area’s name suggests, this compact neighborhood is named after a university — the University of Portland. In fact, the Catholic campus takes up a large swath of realty in the neighborhood’s southern corner.

Neighborhood We Love: Wilsonville

Originally called Boone’s Landing after a descendant of Daniel Boone, Wilsonville got a name change in 1880. The name hasn’t been the only change in its history; Wilsonville has transformed from ferry site to port to train depot, and finally to the southernmost suburb in the Portland-metro area with a major freeway artery running right through its center.

Neighborhood We Love: Bethany’s No. 1 Best Place to Raise a Family in Oregon is closer than you might think: this year’s choice is Bethany, a small suburb of Portland in Washington County. This tracks with what locals say of this safe, quiet neighborhood with good schools.

Neighborhood We Love: Milwaukie

The charming town of Milwaukie, less than a 10-minute drive from southeast Portland’s Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood, is an ideal location for families looking for more space, lower home prices, a quaint downtown, and the proximity of Portland, without being directly in the city.

Neighborhood We Love: Goose Hollow

If easy access to all that Portland has to offer is a top priority, Goose Hollow brings just that. Learn more about the neighborhood that is older than the city of Portland itself.

Hollywood Neighborhood in Portland

Neighborhood We Love: Hollywood

One of Portland’s smallest neighborhoods, Hollywood retains the classic character and charm of historic Portland, but with modern-day conveniences.

Neighborhood We Love: Hillside

Hillside in Northwest Portland is an urban neighborhood with small-town charm.

Brentwood Park

Neighborhood We Love: Brentwood-Darlington

“The best thing Brentwood-Darlington has going for it is the strong community vibe … Neighbors support one another like I have never seen before, and I have lived in seven different states,” says neighbor Will Mohring.

Happy Valley Neighborhood

Neighborhood We Love: Happy Valley

For families ready to make the shift to suburban living, Happy Valley tops the list for its natural wonders and burgeoning food-and-drink scene.

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