Where to Find Bigfoot in Portland

Can you find bigfoot? Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, Witkit, or Wendigo most commonly refers to the northwestern North American cryptid. Cryptids can be summed up as creatures that everyone knows about, many people believe in, but no one has really proven they exist. Think chupacabra, yetis, and the Loch Ness monster. There’s historical stories of a bigfoot attack in 1924 at Ape Canyon near Mt. Saint Helens and the bigfoot story has only grown in the Pacific Northwest since. The Washington Air National Guard has adopted Bigfoot as its mascot and the Portland metro is host to multiple Bigfoot conventions as well. 

The reality of this elusive creature depends on who you ask and what facts you find. Real or not, bigfoots have stolen the hearts of our community and the adventure of discovery never gets old. Searching for bigfoot offers days worth of family fun activity while adding lessons about the creatures of our forest and care for our planet to protect those that dwell beneath the trees. Maybe someday you’ll discover the real thing, but if not, here are some bigfoot themed adventures until then. Happy hunting!

The North American Bigfoot Center

Courtesy of North American Bigfoot Center

This museum is your center for bigfoot knowledge. Start with a photo op with life-sized furry museum mascot Murphy. The museum itself is small, but packed with an astonishing amount of information. If a sasquatch was sighted anywhere in the world, the info is likely on display here. One of our favorites was all the life-sized foot and finger castings — big is no joke!


If you go: Located in the larger parking lot area at 31297 SE, US-26, Boring. Museum entrance is $8 for adults, $6 for kids 6-12, seniors, and military, 5 and under free.

Thinker Toys

Courtesy of Thinker Toys

All the best bigfoot hunts begin with preparation. Family favorite Thinker Toys in Multnomah Village sells a Bigfoot Research Kit with all your essential supplies: membership card, stickers, field journal and more. Depending on available selection, the store also has a few bigfoot/sasquatch plushies, too.


Fat City Cafe

Courtesy of Kate Hagan Gallup

A short walk down the street will bring your young cryptid hunters to Fat City Cafe, an American style diner featuring its very own hand-carved Bigfoot hidden in the front corner amid license plates and knick knacks. Stop here for breakfast or lunch as the restaurant closes at 2pm daily. Don’t worry about seating, the restaurant is smaller so bigfoot is easy to find.

Foot Traffic

Courtesy of Foot Traffic

In nearby Sellwood, you’ll find a chain-saw carved bigfoot guarding the store. The statue is 10-feet-tall, friendly, and his names is Miles. Foot Traffic staff have noted that bigfoot is the “original trailrunner,” after all. You can’t miss it from the street, but we recommend getting out for a walk and explore the large variety of small businesses nearby. If you’re visiting after noon, don’t miss out on the surrounding area food trucks, too.

Wonderwood Cryptids

Courtesy of Wonderwood Springs

Tucked in St. Johns neighborhood is Wonderwood Springs, the cafe and mini golf brainchild of artist Mike Bennett. His signs have proliferated across the neighborhood, and also the entire Portland metro, but one of his pandemic-era installations was a Crypto-Zoo. While cryptids aren’t the current focus of the current Wonderwood Springs exhibits, it’s common to find hidden bigfoot yard signs or wall-mounted yetis in the area. 

Oregon Zoo

Courtesy of Bigfoot Discovery Tour

This summer, at the Oregon Zoo you’ll find the Bigfoot Discovery Tour, a pop up experience located down near the elephants. There are games, photo opps, and so so many sasquatch-themed souvenirs. Our family favorite was the “hidden” entrance to bigfoot research quarters. The zoo reminds us, “Be sure to take the B.I.G.F.O.O.T. Pledge while you’re there: Be kind, Inspire others, Get outside, Follow science, Organize change, Only leave footprints, and Tell your friends.”

BigFoot Metal Works

Courtesy of BigFood Metal Works

Bigfoot Metal Works calls Vancouver home base, but can frequently be found sharing their goods at the Vancouver Farmers’ Market and local Portland Bigfoot-themed festivals. These unique and intricate metal signs all feature our favorite sasquatch. As a bonus, check out the photo stand-in out front to take a photo of yourself as bigfoot.

Hungry/Thirsty Sasquatch

Courtesy of Hungry Sasquatch

One of our favorite family-friendly spots in Vancouver, the Hungry Sasquatch is a restaurant divided into three — pizza, pinball and pints. The first two areas are family friendly while the third is for adults 21+. In the pizza area you’ll find one of the biggest Sasquatch murals around as this larger-than-life forest creates stares down at New York-sized slices.

Washougal Waterfront Park

Courtesy of Kate Hagan Gallup

Washougal Waterfront park features both level and well-paved walking trails, river access, and a nature-themed playground. The star of the play area show is, of course, a bigfoot. All the best bigfoots have names, and this friendly park spirit is dubbed, Little Foot. The larger than life creature pulls a climbable tug rope connected to a boulder in a safe space for kids to explore.

If You Go: A short distance across the 205 bridge, find Little Foot at 56 S. First St., Washougal, WA.

Even More Bigfoot Sightings

Happy hunting!

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