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We Love Frogs!
Our Mini Indy!
Fun in the Sand Box!
We love to make Pickles!
Fresh Eggs!
We Love Frogs!Our Mini Indy!Fun in the Sand Box!We love to make Pickles!Fresh Eggs!
29495 Southeast Kelso Road, Boring, OR, USA 97009

At Child’s Path Farm School in Boring, OR, we're thrilled to announce our engaging summer camps tailored for children aged 3 to 6. With the farm as our central theme and a diverse range of weekly activities, each camp offers a cohesive learning experience. Whether a child joins us for consecutive weeks or sporadic visits throughout the summer, our curriculum ensures a seamless and effective learning journey.

Each week begins with a thematic song to set the tone, followed by open-ended activities at various stations. Our expansive outdoor area boasts six flower beds, a jungle gym, a spacious sandbox, a playhouse, a rock wall, and ample space for outdoor play. From morning activities to post-breakfast explorations across our eight-acre campus, every moment is filled with opportunities for growth, discovery, and fun!

Phone: 503-912-0036
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