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2305 S Water Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Embrace the World! Now, more than ever, we need to teach our children, tomorrow’s global leaders, how to approach challenging issues with empathy and compassion. Welcome to the International School of Portland. For over thirty years, we’ve offered full language and cultural immersion in a warm, loving environment that encourages curiosity and kindness.

  • We are one of only two schools in the United States to provide three full language immersion programs—Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish—under one roof.
  • We were the first school in the Pacific Northwest to become a renowned International Baccalaureate World School.

We nurture children’s natural love of learning by inspiring them to ask questions, pursue the concepts that interest them, and to share their knowledge with others. Our teachers are master facilitators, guiding students through their educational journeys while also ensuring that our academic standards are met. Because of our multi-language and cultural environment, our campus is a global microcosm, helping to shape children who are open-minded, empathetic, kind, patient and tolerant——traits that encourage them take responsible action within and beyond our school community.

Phone: 503-226-2496
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