Featured Camp of the Week: Brooklyn Robot Foundry

From our friends at Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn Robot Foundry offers super-fun interactive online robot-building classes for kids.

Students just love that they get to build a new robot each day, but there is so much more to these unique classes that make them special:

  • The classes are the full package — not just a kit for you to figure out, or a boring instructional video. The Foundry’s amazing teachers lead small groups of 6 or less through the entire building process in an amusing and engaging manner. They want kids to have fun, to learn, to gain confidence, to be creative, and to make social connections with the rest of the class.
  • Each class features a brand new project! Kids will make robots that walk, swim, float, buzz, and so much more!
  • There are no shopping lists or expensive kits to purchase. The Robot Foundry will send you all of the materials beforehand, separated into individual packages for each project so there’s less chance of losing pieces. But if something does go missing or breaks, just let them know and they will send you replacement parts.
  • The projects are thoughtfully designed for each age group, so that children can build them successfully on their own during the class. Students will gain self-confidence as they overcome challenges and see the proof of their new skills in their finished projects. (Students 2-5 years old are required to work alongside a grown-up, but do much of the work on their own!)
  • The Robot Foundry teachers are able to make difficult concepts easy to grasp, keeping the world of engineering accessible to children. Their materials and components aren’t complicated for a reason: they want children to understand what every part is doing, so they can take the robot apart and build it again — or build something even better!  
  • The Foundry strives to make their classes work for students of all abilities. They regularly train their staff in accessibility and have a captioning service available.  At registration, parents are encouraged to share what accommodations and approaches work best with their children, so they can implement those during the classes.  
  • Brooklyn Robot Foundry projects and classes are open-ended and ever-evolving. They encourage students to add their own creativity to every project; to turn each robot into something of their own design. And likewise, they pivot the classes to meet students’ needs.
  • Fun is the main word. Not only do they they want their students to have a great time in every class, they want them to enjoy tinkering and playing with their robots long afterwards.

Registration is now open for the winter semester of online classes at Brooklyn Robot Foundry, which kick off January 4th.  Choose from weekly daytime or after school classes, or single, one-time classes.  They also offer an extended format session, with additional fun activities, on school holidays and during summer.  Plus they host parties, family building and so much more!

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