Featured School of the Week: A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

From our friends at A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences strives to create a sustainable, generative, robust learning environment.

A Renaissance education challenges children as individuals at the edge of their abilities, creates a collaboratively-built bridge to the future, and offers experiences that become life-long passions. The school’s values and practices align with families seeking:

 • small class sizes and personalized instruction
 • individualized assessment, rather than grades and test scores
 • academic learning, integrating art, design, science, and engineering
 • academic day (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.), allowing necessary work to be done at school
 • extended day (7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
 • academic year (September-July)
 • a community in which each child is known

A Renaissance School draws inspiration from arts, design, sciences, and engineering… all lively, natural contexts for introduction, development, and application of skills. Based on inquiry processes embedded in field studies, lab work, and the studio, multi-layer projects unfold with adult guidance. Each child gains competence and confidence as a learner and contributing community member.

“Thank you for empowering, inspiring & educating our kids!  They are creative and ambitious young adults!” 

Parent at A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

A vibrant, vigorous learning environment

As a K-8, Ren School offers an “extended family” environment, integrating forms of academic learning that fit the needs of developing minds.

• Extended time translates to personalized support, opportunities to develop healthy past-times, and practice with positive decision-making skills.
 • Responsive inquiry and reflection are the basis of critical perspective, creative integration, and innovation.
 • In place of worksheets, children learn to organize, plan and prioritize, work with others, and apply ideas and skills in authentic work.  
 • Learners work with a variety of tools, materials, and resources to reveal results of a range of studies, classical and contemporary.
 • Children are empowered to find their voices, shaping questions and interpretations of their expanding world, contributing to active service, responsible leadership, and endeavors they deem worthy. 

“Thank you for creating the education I never thought imaginable for my children. I love what they have found possible within themselves because of Ren… It built their foundation.” 

Parent at A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

Adaptive, resilient community, now and in the future…

“It is truly amazing how you have managed to move Ren into our homes.”

Parent at A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

A platform for home-based learning consistent with classroom practices was developed to sustain children’s emotional and academic development during Oregon’s stay-home orders. To support the acquisition and application of new skills and concepts during these months, faculty and children apply familiar strategies and schedules.  Distance learning may be required again; Ren is prepared to meet the future with responsive plans, including:

 • daily access to faculty and friends
 • school-wide distance learning offerings for sustaining community
 • emotional support for children and families
 • daily literacy and math classes
 • weekly classes in science
 • home-based project work
 • optional offerings for art and movement
 • attention to technology as a tool for learning and communication, including online etiquette and safety practices that translate to the global work-world
 • extended upper school challenges in humanities, engineering, world languages, elder projects, graphic design, online collaboration, and documentation

“We are so impressed with how Ren has turned on a dime and rolled out such a robust online curriculum. We really appreciate the materials, time, and attention provided.” 

Parent at A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences

Located south of Portland’s business district, the school is close to performance centers, arts installations, cultural events, unique architecture, and local government and business venues. Field trips are woven into the fabric of school studies.  Speakers and specialists provide genuine work-world perspectives, expertise, and connection, along with focused classes, shadow opportunities, and mentorships. 

Please contact A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences for further information.

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