Like many great artists, we often find our inspiration for art projects in the great outdoors. This project will celebrate your little one’s love for nature and harness the power of the sun to create a dazzling display for any window in your home. Pair it with a nature walk to gather materials, and you’ll be delighted at how a little natural curiosity and art exploration make for a sunshiny way to spend an afternoon.



Paper plate
Clear contact paper
Leaves and flower petals
Watercolor paints and brush
Hole punch
Yarn or string


1. Prep the suncatcher ahead of time, so your young artist doesn’t lose interest before the project has even started! Cut the center out of the paper plate, so that you have a circle that’s a couple inches wide, with a large hole in the middle. Cut two circles out of the clear contact paper that are slightly larger than the hole in your paper plate. Peel the back off one of the contact paper circles and stick it to the back of the paper plate (so the sticky side shows through the hole). Save the other contact paper circle for later.

2. Head outside! Take a walk around the neighborhood together. Notice all the beautiful plants growing this time of year. Pick some flowers and leaves that you think would be good for your sun catcher. Remember, flatter is better!

3. Have your child stick the leaves and flower petals onto the suncatcher in any design or arrangement he wants. Remember not to cover the entire space, so the sun will be able to shine through and so the contact paper will securely seal in your design.


4. Peel the back off your second contact paper circle and press it on top of the natural materials. Start in the center and rub out the air bubbles as you firmly stick the whole thing together.

5. Use watercolor paints to jazz up the paper plate and add a colorful frame to your suncatcher.

6. Punch out a hole near the top and loop some yarn through it.

7. Hang your suncatcher in a window for a cheery decoration.

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