How to Pack Your Kids’ Summer Camp Backpack

You’ve registered your kids for day camp — and everyone is counting down the days. Here are eight pro tips from the staff at PDX Parent for how to expertly prep and pack a backpack for all sorts of camp adventures. 

Courtesy of Camp Namanu
  1. Get the right bag. Pack them up in a backpack with lots of pockets — especially one with a side pocket that holds a water bottle. 
  2. Label everything. Help your kids — and camp staff — keep track of their belongings by labeling their stuff. Our publisher likes Name Bubbles, colorful fabric labels that are dishwasher and laundry safe. 
  3. Plan for the commute. Some camps involve taking a bus to different locations. Pack them a book, Sudoku or crossword puzzles, or a drawing pad and pencil for the commute. 
  4. Avoid growling stomachs. Load them up with filling, on-the-go snacks they can easily open and chow down on. 
  5. Bring on the hydration. Make sure they stay hydrated with a large, insulated water bottle. Is your kid prone to losing stuff? Buy them a cheaper water bottle.  
  6. Stay protected. For kiddos doing outdoor activities, make sure you send them off with sweat-proof sunscreen. (And apply before you drop them off.) Aerosol sunscreen is an easy option for them to reapply throughout the day. 
  7. Used is best. Use what your kid already owns: Old clothes that can get dirty, worn-in sneakers that can get wet and last year’s lunch boxes for snack breaks. 
  8. Bring a spare. For little campers, be sure to pack a change of clothes for them.

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Tiffany Hill
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