Low Mess Fall Art Project: Leaf Mobile

Get ready to welcome autumn with this creative mobile project.

Photo by Christine Bogan

Celebrate the approach of fall with this fun project from the creative minds at Northwest Portland’s Art World School. Making this mobile gives kids a great, low-stakes way to practice patience and develop fine motor skills. Plus, it provides a new way for kids to experiment with different kinds of art. You’ll like it because it only takes a few materials and doesn’t make much of a mess! Pro tip: You can find wooden rings at craft-supply stores and dollar stores, or on Amazon.


Paper or card stock

Markers or colored pencils


Gold foil paper (optional)




Wooden ring

Free leaf template

Ribbon, in fall colors



1. Draw leaves or use the free leaf download.

2. Color both sides of the leaves with markers or colored pencils. 

3. Apply the gold foil paper (optional).

4. Cut the leaves out.

5. Cut four pieces of ribbon, each 36 inches long.

6. Fold one piece of ribbon in half and loop on the wooden ring. Repeat with the remaining ribbon.

7. To keep the ribbon from moving on the ring, secure each piece by tying one knot on each of the looped ribbons. Do this to each of the four ribbons.

8. Space the ribbons evenly around the ring.

9. Cut twine to 12 inches long and tie it onto the wooden ring. This is to hang the mobile when it’s done.

10. For each hanging ribbon, take one strand and use a dab of glue to attach one leaf. 

11. Let the ribbons and leaves dry.

12. Hang the mobile by the twine loop.

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