Musical Parenting 101

From our friends at Music Together® of Portland

Music Together of Portland invites you to make music come alive for your little one!

Music Together classes are informal, engaging, and all about fun! Make new friends while singing, dancing, and exploring ways to play musically with your baby, toddler, or preschooler. Be inspired to add a little bit of music to your child’s life each day in a playful, interactive way. They will discover their inner music-maker, and your family will discover the joy of making music together!

Spring session runs April 6 – June 13.
Registration opens March 12.
Free demonstration classes March 17-19. Reserve a spot now!

From the moment their first child is born, parents become teachers. Most parents and primary caregivers are aware that supporting their children in the development of basic life skills, such as talking, moving, and living with others, is one of their most important roles. Many may not realize, however, that they are also their child’s first and most important music teacher!

Being your child’s first and most important music teacher is not as scary as it may seem! Music ability is a basic life skill. When we immerse our young children in a rich music environment, they learn to sing and dance as naturally as they learn to walk and talk.

How to Teach Your Child Music (in 3 Easy Steps!)

Step 1: Believe your child is musical—and you are, too!

Every one of us is musical – we’re born that way! When you believe your child is musical, you are more likely to participate in daily activities that help them explore their musicality. When you believe you are musical, you’ll be more likely to act musical around your child. Young children want to be like their parents and enjoy the same things they do–if parents make music, children will, too!

Step 2: Participate in music actively and frequently.

Make music every day, and give your child the opportunity to experience and play with music in many different ways. Show them that music is a natural, enjoyable, and important part of daily living!

  • Sing with your little one. Sing a lullaby every night before bed. Sing a silly song while you change a diaper or prepare dinner.    
  • Dance with your little one. Hold your baby close while you dance to your favorite music. Imitate your toddler’s dance moves to her favorite tune. Play a freeze dance game with your preschooler.
  • Keep a basket of instruments on hand, and play them while you sing or listen to music. It doesn’t have to be fancy–pots, pans, and kitchen utensils create a fantastic family band!
  • Listen to a variety of music while you work and play. Exposure to all kinds of music is an excellent way to build your child’s music vocabulary and enrich their ability to think musically.
  • Attend live concerts. Take advantage of Portland’s myriad opportunities to catch a live show! From kindie to classical, there’s sure to be something to suit your taste almost daily!
  • Enroll in a music class, and become part of a community of music makers. Music Together classes are playful, rich, and engaging & support communities of parents and caregivers in helping their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers discover their inner music-makers!

Step 3: Have fun!

Play is the work of early childhood. Children are play experts! This magical process is absolutely necessary for them to teach themselves what they need to know about their world. Whatever you choose to do musically with your child, be sure to keep it light-hearted, and engage them with playful silliness and joy!

Music Together of Portland’s Spring Session runs April 6 – June 13. Registration opens March 12. Try a free class, and make music come alive for your little one!  

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