Recognizing Excellence in Oregon Education

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Acknowledging Great Teachers

So many of us have seen the power of a teacher who transforms lives. For some of us it was the math teacher who forced us to work harder so we could get through those last few algebra problems. For others it was the teacher who found the book they knew would spark our imagination or help us see the world in a new way. It was those teachers who really looked at us and saw what we needed to learn and grow, that motivated us and made us better.

Now as parents, we have the benefit of seeing talented educators doing that work with our own children. We all want the best for our kids, so it’s wonderful when we witness great teachers caring for our children’s well-being both inside and outside the classroom.

Oregon’s Teacher of the Year

2020 Oregon Teacher of the Year Mercedes Muñoz is that kind of teacher. Mercedes is an advocate, a mentor and a coach with an unwavering commitment to student success. She provides daily hope and encouragement to her classroom of kids with varying academic, social and emotional needs. Mercedes considers teaching a “revolutionary act of social justice”, empowering her students to evolve and grow.

Mercedes is described as a “force of nurture” and a champion for the learning needs of all students, ensuring they are prepared for their lives after high school. She’s also a powerhouse in her school community, serving as a member of the Franklin High Equity Team and deeply involved in the recruitment of students from historically underserved communities to the school’s Advanced Placement Program. The students who work with Mercedes Muñoz flourish because she challenges them to do just that. She asks them for their best and expects to receive it. In the meantime, she provides the opportunity for them to learn, grow and thrive.

Your Lottery Dollars Make it Possible

The Oregon Lottery proudly sponsors the Oregon Teacher of the Year Program. Each year this program recognizes and honors teacher excellence, celebrating exemplary educators across the state. The winner of the Oregon Teacher of the Year serves as a leader who engages and inspires other teachers and community leaders in our state. For winning the 2020 title, Mercedes will have the opportunity to share her unique skills with fellow educators across the state and represent Oregon at the national level. She also receives a $5,000 cash reward, as does her school, Portland’s Franklin High.

The Oregon Teacher of the Year program recognizes outstanding teachers and encourages students to think about teaching as a career. It also the community a sense of pride and investment in their teachers who make a positive impact on the lives of kids.

Is there a teacher in your community who deserves to be recognized for their amazing work? Nominate them today for Oregon Teacher of the Year.

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