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1219 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR 97205
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 10 am-5 pm.
Admission: Kids 17 and under free. General admission: $25; seniors and students: $22. Visit the website for more ways to visit for free or at a reduced cost.
Reciprocal Memberships: Western Reciprocal and Museum Alliance Reciprocal Program with membership at the Friend level and above. See details here.
Accessibility and Inclusivity Information: See details here.
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Why Kids ♥ It

Colors, shapes, people, places and ideas that expand their world!

Why Parents ♥ It

Free admission for kids age 17 and under, and time to connect with kids and family in an environment that encourages observation, reflection and conversation.

Upcoming Exhibits and Events

Courtesy Portland Art Museum

Dakota Modern: The Art of Oscar Howe
October 29, 2022-May 14, 2023
Introduces new generations to one of the 20th century’s most innovative Native American painters. Oscar Howe (1915-1983) committed his artistic career to the preservation, relevance, and ongoing expression of his Dakota culture.

Courtesy Portland Art Museum

Jeffrey Gibson: They Come From Fire
October 15, 2022-February 26, 2023
An immersive installation by multimedia Native American artist Jeffrey Gibson, this dynamic work will celebrate Portland’s Indigenous history, presence and vitality through the use of suspended glass panels, text and photographs.

Courtesy Portland Art Museum

Black Artists of Oregon
Opens June 10, 2023
The first exhibition of its kind to consider the work of Black artists collectively in Oregon, from the 1920s to present. It will deepen awareness of the talented artists who have shaped and inspired artists regionally and nationally.

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