Portland’s Mini Galleries Galore!

One of the enduring and endearing things we love about our city is its curation of mini sidewalk galleries and installations for passersby to simply appreciate and enjoy.

Courtesy of PDX Flag

In addition to the ubiquitous little free book libraries, you’ll find fun and funky art galleries, toy exchanges and interactive displays, all to be enjoyed from the sidewalk. Even better, several of these were created and are maintained by kids!

Pro tip: Use the handy map online co-created by the curators of PDX Dinorama and PDX Flag (pictured above) to explore galleries, installations and exchanges across the quadrants. Type in the name of the display you want to visit and it will pop up on the map. Check it out here!



Courtesy of PDX Dinorama + Dino Exchange

These curated mini exhibits feature handmade art, backgrounds and even dinos. Find them on the Sidewalk Joy map here.

  • The PDX Dinorama + Dino Exchange, pictured above (in SE)
  • 79th Street Diorama (in SE)
  • The Canted Spruce (in NE)
  • The Lantern Diorama (in SE)


Courtesy of PDX Dinorama + Dino Exchange

Art in miniature. There’s poetry, ceramics, paintings and wood cars. Find them on the Sidewalk Joy map here.

  • Poetry Pottery Box (in SE)
  • PDX Flag (in SE)
  • Morrison Street Mini Gallery (in SE)
  • Free Little Art Gallery PDX (in SE)
  • The Car Library, pictured above (in NE)


Courtesy of Two Pines Country Club

Play mini golf, grab a stick or ball to play fetch with your pup, feed chickens and take some milkweed seeds. Find them on the Sidewalk Joy map here.

  • Two Pines Country Club, pictured above (in SE)
  • Lucky Dog Library (in SE)
  • Chickie Crossing (in NE)
  • Super Awesome Prizes (in NE)
  • Milkweed Seed Station (in NE)


Courtesy of Skelekrewe

Take one, leave one. That’s the model behind these cute sidewalk exchanges, including minifigs, toys, rubber ducks and VHS tapes. Find them on the Sidewalk Joy map here.

  • PDX Minifig Exchange (in SE)
  • Tiny Creature Shop (in NE)
  • Tiny Toy Trade (in NE)
  • Toy Library (in NE)
  • Sidewalk Ducks, pictured above (in NE)
  • Friend Swap (in NE)
  • Be Kind VHS Swap (in SE)
  • NEW: Gas Pump Car Swap at NE 52nd and Siskiyou


Courtesy of PDX Dinorama + Dino Exchange

Explore whimsical and creative displays, made from recycled metals, wood and more. For spooky fans, there’s also skeletons! Find them on the Sidewalk Joy map here.

  • Skelekrewe, pictured above (in SE)
  • Post Mabone (in SE)
  • Mt. Tabor Creations (in SE)
  • Robot Alley (in N)
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