Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals

Why Kids ♥ It

The inside of the museum is home to sparkling crystals, rocks that glow under ultra-violet light, giant thunder eggs, fossilized dinosaurs and their poop. The outside of the museum has lush green lawns and room to run! Plus, every kid leaves here with a free rock from our rock pile.

Why Parents ♥ It

The museum is located in the historic home of Richard and Helen Rice. An outstanding example of mid-century modern architecture, parents marvel at the building as much as the collection of fine minerals, appreciate the science exploration focus, and love our picnic area and outdoor space.


Address: 26385 NW Groveland Dr., Hillsboro, OR 97214

Website: ricenorthwestmuseum.org

Hours: Wednesday-Friday: 1 pm-5 pm; Saturday-Sunday: 10 am-5 pm.

Admission: Ages 18-59: $12; ages 5-17, and military/veterans: $8; Seniors (60+): $10. Free for members and children 4 and under.

Free/Discounted Days: Free: Northwest Fossil Fest by North America Research Group on the second Saturday in August. Washington County Library patrons can reserve a Cultural Pass to Adventure for free admission for two individuals. Discounted: Thunder-Egg-Stravaganza and Summer Festival.

Programs for Homeschoolers: Yes! ricenorthwestmuseum.org/education/small-school-home-school-tours/

Special Events for Families/Kids: Mystery Mineral Day (last Saturday in February); Thunder-Egg-Stravaganza (Saturday before Easter); Summer Festival (first weekend in August).

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