Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 20!). If you’re looking for some fun craft ideas for the kids, here are some ideas. They are all pretty quick to make and — best of all — are totally adorable.

thumb print
Photo Courtesy Messy Little Monster

Thumb Body Loves You Thumbprint Magnets. Remind Dad he’s loved all year long with these little fingerprint magnets from Messy Little Monster. These magnets require a few more supplies to make than most of the other ideas, but c’mon. So cute. Here’s another idea using letter stamping, for a more elegant (but just as heart-felt) gift.

Handprint Star Wars Card. Is Dad a Star Wars fan? This is a great option, requiring very few supplies. A sweet and easy way to tell him “Yoda best!”

diy silhouette
Photo courtesy Mission to Save

Handmade Silhouettes. If you have access to a printer, it’s a snap to make these memorable silhouettes from Mission to Save. Might be a cute idea for pets too, if you can get them to stand still long enough to take a profile pic!

Photo: I Can Teach My Child

Hand Print Work Gloves. Love this idea from I Can Teach My Child. By layering your children’s hand prints onto their dad’s work gloves, it’s like they’re holding his hand whenever he wears them. Super easy to make, too.

Photo Courtesy The Seasoned Mom

Building Memories Lego Jar. There’s so much to love about this gift idea from The Seasoned Mom. First of all, anything incorporating Lego is pretty much a go. But we also love the idea of building memories  – each Lego has ideas for projects, adventures and activities Dad and kid can do together. Here’s another take on the activity jar idea.

Make Your Own Terrarium. Lavende and Lemonade provides an easy walk-through of how to put together a terrarium using a mason jar or leftover food jar. If Dad likes to cook, opt for an herb for your plant of choice.

Wooden Key Chain. We love the natural look of these woodsy key chains, plus the personal touch your kids will add to them. A great way for Dad to carry around a piece of the kids wherever he goes.

Did you end up making one of these? We’d love to see! Post your picture of the completed project on our Facebook page.

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