Eblast Package Submission

This form is to submit information and images for your upcoming PDX Parent e-blast package. If you have scheduled a stand-alone e-blast, please use this page instead

Before you get started, here is the list of components to gather:

  • For the Eblast
    • E-blast subject line
    • E-Blast subtitle (the first words of the email, often previewed in the reader’s email inbox)
    • Primary URL to link to
    • Your e-blast text, 200-300 words recommended, 425 maximum
    • Up to 6 images sized 600×600 (square) or 600×300 (rectangle)
  • For the NL Content Block
    • Content block headline
    • URL for the content block, if different from the primary link
    • Up to 75 words description
    • One graphic sized 300×300
  • For the Web Ad. Web ad size depends on web ad purchased. File size should be 1MB. File type: jpg, jpeg, png.
    • Leaderboard
      • Desktop: 1280×158
      • Mobile : 320×250
    • Rectangle Banner
      • Desktop: 720×300
      • Mobile: 720×300
    • Half Page
      • Desktop: 300×600
      • Mobile: 300×600
    • Small Rectangle
      • Desktop: 336×280
      • Mobile: 336×280
    • Footer
      • Desktop: 600×600
      • Mobile: 600×600
  • For the Social Media Shout Out (SMSO)
    • 25-50 words that you would like us to share about you on our social media. Please write in the third person; PDX Parent is talking about your organization.
    • SMSO link if different from the primary link
    • Your Facebook and Twitter names
    • An optional graphic (We will link to the URL you specify, and the main graphic will be an image from that page (the link preview). You can submit an image here as a back up if there is no image on your page.)
  • For the Website Square
    • A web ad sized 600×600
  • For the Newsletter Square Ad
    • 250×250

Also note:

  • All file uploads are limited jepg, png, or jpg and a maximum of 1 mb
  • We recommend writing your e-blast elsewhere (in an email window or word processor) and pasting it into our submission box. This allows you to format some text and also ensures that the text you craft won’t be lost if you click back or something happens to the webpage before you click submit.

Finally, keep in mind these tips for composing your e-blast:

E-Blast Subject Line – Be sure it is clear and compelling (approximately 7-15 words); use verbs and action-oriented words (e.g. sign up for an event, visit your website, enroll today, register, call, take a tour, or reserve a space).

Primary URL to Link to – A major goal of your email campaign is to have readers click through to a web page. Where would you like to drive most of your traffic? We will link all images to this URL.

If you have additional links you also want to point readers to, include them in the body of your text. Add links to interesting and important parts of your text as a way to draw attention and to entice readers to click to your website.

Your e-blast text – It is important to have a link in the first half of an email so that readers don’t have to scroll down to take action. Readers generally like concise, easy to scan emails over ones with a large volume of text.

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