Raise your hand if this has happened to you: It’s late on a Sunday after a packed weekend, and your kid looks up and reminds you that you’ve forgotten to give them their allowance … again. And it’s been six weeks, actually, so now you owe $12. Per kid. Cash only, please. But really, who carries cash these days?

That’s where the handy RoosterMoney app comes in. You can set up an account for each kid, and record how much money goes into it each week.

Kids lusting after a particular item? Take a picture of it and upload it to the app, along with a price tag, so kids can see exactly what they’re saving for. Or, if you’re out and about and they absolutely have to have an item, debit it from their online account.

Kids can manage their account, sorting their money into “spend,” “save” and “share” categories, and creating goals for most-wanted items. Ambitious parents can even turn on the chore-tracking function, and set up the app so that grandparents and other doting relatives can contribute to the allowance fund.

Free for iPad, iPhone and Android.

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