The Right Stuff: Baby Gear Guide

While nothing can quite prepare you for the baptism by fire that is life with a newborn, the right gear sure can help. These nine pieces of gear make your life with a newborn just a little easier.

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Though some of the best baby gear does come with a hefty price tag, a lot of these items can be found used with a little hustle. Mom friends (and friends of friends) are a great place to start — or you can check local resale spots like Beanstalk. Online community resellers like Offer Up, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Buy Nothing are great sources for lightly used baby gear and clothes, too.

1. Moby Cloud Hybrid Carrier 
Easy to figure out  — which cannot be said of all baby carriers — and comfortable to wear, this light-weight wrap is a real baby-wearing standout. Available in lots of colors and quite affordable, this Moby carrier is a baby registry no-brainer. $59.95. Available at Posh Baby, 916 NW 10th Ave.


2. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail 
Just a good old diaper pail is, of course, a must. How do we put this, ahem, delicately? This magical pail contains both diapers and their unique aroma like none other. And it’s not bad looking, either. $49.99. At Target and

3. Maptote Portland One-piece
Show everyone that your newborn is a Portland babe, through and through, with this sweet, soft outfit. $26. At

4. BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft 
A classic for a reason, this elegant, simple bouncer folds up for ultra easy transport and storage. But even better, babies love this thing! You can gently bounce a 4-week-old in it (on the lowest of its three settings) and later put your 5-month-old in it on the highest setting and let them make their own motion with kicky legs! $199.99. At Posh Baby, 916 NW 10th Ave.

5. Frida Mom Adjustable Nursing Pillow  
You know that you need a NoseFrida, but did you also know that the company that created the iconic, must-have “snot sucker” has expanded into making all kinds of ingenious baby gear? This nursing pillow is designed to support your back as well as your baby during those many, endless newborn nursing sessions. Brilliance as usual from the folks at Frida. $49.99. Available at Buy Buy Baby.

6. Itzy Ritzy Bitzy Bespoke Tummy Time Rainbow Playmat 
The name is a bit of a mouthful, but the cuteness of this tummy-time mat is off-the-charts. Most babies don’t love tummy time right off the bat, but a sweet and colorful mat might help you (and your baby) look forward to this important first bit of “homework.” $39.99. Available at


7. Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair 
With its hefty price tag, this high chair is an investment. But if you consider the fact that your baby can sit in it from age 0 to adulthood (!), it pays for itself in no time. Plus, we love that it’s built in a way that makes it easy to push into the table; no tripping hazards here. It’ll grow with your baby — it doubles easily as a toddler tower when the time comes — and with your family, and it looks good doing it. Baby set starting at $289. At

8. Hatch Baby Rest
This must-have machine plays music and white noise, but it also doubles as a nightlight — essential for those 3 am nursing-and-changing sessions. It doesn’t just play one white-noise tone, though: It has 11 soothing, volume-adjustable options, from crickets to rain, bird song to ocean waves. Pro tip:  It’ll do double duty as your baby grows, too — it easily adjusts to become an “OK to get out of bed” light. $69.99. At Target and

9. Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet
With a price tag of more than  $1,600, you might be tempted to walk away from this bassinet. However, the Snoo is rentable for a reasonable fee of $159 a month and can often be purchased used. Plus, with a ton of adjustable, newborn-soothing settings and a design that keeps your baby securely on his back, it’s worth every penny. Pro tip: Ask around in your nearest mom group — because they are only used for the first five to six months, families are constantly reselling them at less than half the retail price. $1,695.99. Available at Target and

Miranda Rake
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