Pizza in the Wild

Venture inside Pacific Crust Pizza Company downtown for inventive, delicious pizza enveloped in a fun, campout setting.

Dumpling Week Delights

Learn about 5 restaurants’ offerings during Dumpling Week, and mark your calendars for Burger Week and Pizza Week!

New Burgerville No. 6 Burger Will Make Parents Happy

Jill Weisensee is a tech-challenged, internet-leary but podcast- and YouTube-loving mom to tween twin boys. Her favorite YouTube channels involve cooking and painting…both of which she finds easier to watch than do. She’s worked with PDX Parent since 2018.
Jill Weisensee

For as long as my husband, John, and I have been together (20 years!), we’ve kept a running “Top 5” restaurant list in different categories from Best Pizza to Best Cocktails. When our twins joined us almost 11 years ago, we took them to restaurants on a weekly basis from the time we could strap them …

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Review: Lazy Susan

Splurge on an outdoor dining experience at Lazy Susan in Montavilla — and remember the magic of restaurants.

Recipe File: Homemade Taco Bowls

Judith Klein Rich has been blogging about food since 2007. Born in Slovakia, her enthusiasm for food experimentation and creation stems from her deeply seated Eastern European roots. Currently writing under the alias of Eaty Pie (, her blog explores dining experiences, meal creation and travel adventures from a kid and a grown-up perspective.
Judith Rich
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Add a twist to your Taco Tuesday with crispy tortilla bowls and a choice of toppings. Every parent knows that mealtime with kids is all about control. Kids love to have control over what they eat, when they eat it, and how they eat it — which is why I love a good ol’ DIY …

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The PDX Parent Dining Guide

PDX Parent Staff
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Why did we decide to do a family dining guide? Because we love eating writing about food. And Portland’s legendary restaurant scene is not just for kidless 20-somethings. Family-friendly options abound in every quadrant for every type of cuisine imaginable. So whether you’re craving perfect croissants, off-the-wall pizza or comforting soup dumplings — we’ve got …

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