Kids Rate Portland’s Hottest Food Trends

For our food and dining issue, we sample some of Portland’s hottest food trends that shore up our status as a top food and dining destination — with our opinionated kids in tow. And we’ve also got some tips to help your kids broaden their palates to enjoy all the dining treasures Portland has to offer.

10 New Portland Treat Shops

In 2022, Portland got a generous serving of exciting and inventive new dessert shops, serving up goodies like New Zealand-style ice cream, vegan paletas, French-Asian pastries, and reimagined cinnamon rolls. So grab your kids and head to one of these tempting new treat spots.

Family-Friendly Island Vibes at Pono Brew Labs

Take out the family to Pono Brew Labs in Portland’s Hollywood neighborhood. This easy, relaxed brew pub offers a South Pacific twist not only on craft brews, but on typical pub food. Plus, there are arcade games!


Pizza in the Wild

Venture inside Pacific Crust Pizza Company downtown for inventive, delicious pizza enveloped in a fun, campout setting.

Dumpling Week Delights

Learn about 5 restaurants’ offerings during Dumpling Week, and mark your calendars for Burger Week and Pizza Week!

New Burgerville No. 6 Burger Will Make Parents Happy

Jill Weisensee is a tech-challenged, internet-leary but podcast- and YouTube-loving mom to tween twin boys. Her favorite YouTube channels involve cooking and painting…both of which she finds easier to watch than do. She’s worked with PDX Parent since 2018.
Jill Weisensee

For as long as my husband, John, and I have been together (20 years!), we’ve kept a running “Top 5” restaurant list in different categories from Best Pizza to Best Cocktails. When our twins joined us almost 11 years ago, we took them to restaurants on a weekly basis from the time we could strap them …

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Review: Lazy Susan

Splurge on an outdoor dining experience at Lazy Susan in Montavilla — and remember the magic of restaurants.

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