Come on a Nature Inspired Art Adventure!

From our friends at The Nature Atelier

Take a break from screens to connect with one another, explore nature, and nurture your child’s creativity with eco-friendly art kits from The Nature Atelier.  With a new nature themed kit every other month for ages two to nine, you will always have a reason to head outdoors for a breath of fresh air.  

The new Woodland Wonders Little Artist Kit celebrates all the wonderful things found in the woods like tall trees, mushrooms, and forest critters.  Each handmade kit contains eight nature inspired art projects and everything you need to make them minus a few things found in nature.  With the Woodland Wonders Kit you can create a berry dyed windsock, make clay imprints, weave with cedar bark, print with wood and mushrooms and so much more.  

Art kits provide a mix of process art and nature crafts so that children can express, experiment, and create in different ways. Project instructions offer activity extension ideas along with prompt examples to give parents the tools to facilitate and co-create with ease. Book recommendations are also included to allow a deeper exploration into each theme. Kits are created using recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable packaging and art materials.  Many of the high quality art materials, like eco-crayons and sensory dough are handmade by The Nature Atelier and available for purchase in the Web Shop.  New handmade products like eco-glitter and wood play dough stamps will be launching soon and included in future art kits.   

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Most projects in the Little Artist Kits include natural materials such as leaves, sticks, flowers, or stones.  This encourages children to begin art sessions outdoors to collect these materials, inspiring a deeper connection to the natural world and the creative process.


Some of the projects in the kits focus on process rather than the end result.  This allows space to explore art techniques or natural materials. Process art encourages experimentation, further developing critical and creative skills.


Time outdoors helps children regulate emotions and reduce stress, as well as encouraging imaginative play, creative thinking and exercise.  With so much of life online during the pandemic, spending time in nature is more important than ever.  

THE NATURE ATELIER is a women-owned business in North Portland.  Founder Angela Ruggles has a background in museum education and archaeology of the Pacific Northwest.  She is also a yoga instructor, artist, and maker with a life long passion for nature and learning.  Her twin toddlers were the inspiration for creating The Nature Atelier in 2018.  They test all her art projects and eco-friendly art supplies and teach her how to observe nature in new ways.  Prior to COVID closures, Angela led Little Artist Workshops in her home studio.  She began creating art kits and eco-friendly art supplies to safely share her unique art programs and love for nature.  

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