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Grit Starts Here
Grit Lasts Forever
Grit Starts HereGrit Lasts Forever
2145 SW Naito Parkway 97201

Adventure, Grit & Growth Start Here.

Are you ready for family adventure?  When you Scout with us, families get access to unparalleled camp properties while youth grow in the skills they need to be prepared for life.

So, if you've been bored during the global pandemic, join us because we've stayed more than busy. Scouts have made masks for healthcare workers, cleared graffiti, earned thousands of advancement awards and hiked thousands of miles with their families.

And when the crisis lifts, Scouts will go on epic adventures, learn new skills and become tomorrows leaders and goal-getters, just as we’ve done for more than 100 years.

Organization Email: info@cpcbsa.org
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