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7909 Southwest Crestline Drive, Portland, OR, USA 97219
5406 Northeast 35th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA 97211
306 North Russet Street, Portland, OR, USA 97217

My Bundle of Joy has been providing outstanding infant and toddler care in the Portland area since 1997. We have delivered our service to over 1,000 families during that time and currently care for 64 little ones in our four locations (two in SW Portland, two in N/NE Portland).

We are state certified infant and toddler care facilities; this means we care for children 8 weeks to 3 years old. Our infant/toddler to staff ratio is 4:1 so we are able to give lots of individual attention to the children in our care. We strive to make our homes the best in every way with one-on-one love and learning as well as excellent physical care. We maintain a media-free environment with lots of reading and music, where the needs of each child dictates the schedule, creating a soothing daily rhythm to our homes.

We are located in private homes that have been transformed for the children, each offering more than twice the state required square footage. Each My Bundle of Joy home has at least two playrooms including a "Jungle Room." There are also three separate nurseries, which enable our little ones to sleep soundly in comfy cribs. We have two changing areas as well, and the children are free to roam about their home away from home. Fenced yards are a must and we offer lots of outdoor fun, under the watchful eyes of the providers. Our facilities are bright, cheery, safe, very clean and equipped with a large variety of toys, books, puzzles and all manner of fun things.

Our capacity for each home is 16 children with 4 full-time staff. Each family is free to use their child's spot as much or as little as they need. Nutritious meals are included. My Bundle of Joy homes are very green; we recycle, and use all natural cleaners and laundry soaps. As we see it, helping to preserve the planet is the least we can do for the children, and their children!

For more information,  visit the Rates & Enrollment page of our website: to complete a no-fee online application. We’ll get right back to you with availability and send you a link to our tour video!

Phone: 503-575-5654
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