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PIVOT PDX Performing Arts Summer Camps
5131 Northeast 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR, USA 97211

At PIVOT PDX Summer Camps, kids will explore performing as an outlet for creativity, artistry, humor, and expression. We teach, model, and normalize using our bodies for expression and the stage for sharing.

The tenets of camp curriculum are: 1) the power and gift of music, 2) our natural response to move our bodies when we hear/feel rhythm and beat, and 3) performance as a means of sharing and being seen.

Students will engage in a myriad of activities that will introduce them to the stage. Activities such as charades, musical dots, find the beat, pass the move, sketch comedy, hand puppets, and karaoke will be explored. With all of the fun and excitement, students don't realize they are performing, but each time they present in front of their peers, they are growing in their confidence!

PIVOT PDX Camps are held at the Historic Alberta House in the Alberta Arts District of NE Portland. All camps are directed by Lauren Kawa Funk and a team of junior coach interns (camp alumni who are now in high school) who grow in their leadership and creative skills as they guide and support campers throughout the week. We will honor each camper’s individual journey and the unique talents they are comfortable sharing.

Six week-long camps will run in Summer 2023 for kids rising into grades 1st-8th in fall 2023. Camps run Mon-Friday from 8:30am-1pm with an aftercare option until 4:30pm. No experience necessary though a general appreciation for movement and music is appreciated.

Mutual aid/no pay spots are available in each camp. Mutual aid is solidarity-based support for marginalized communities. Email hello@thisispivotpdx.com for a Mutual Aid spot.

Organization Email: hello@thisispivotpdx.com
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