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4617 Southeast Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR , USA 97202
330 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton, OR, USA 97005
1405 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR, USA 97232

Trackers Earth, our 2024 PDX Parent Winner for Best Day & Outdoor Camps, offers action-packed Summer Day & Overnight Camps for Grades K-12. With camps featuring hands-on crafts and fantastic outdoor adventures, kids connect with friends while learning new skills taught by expert Trackers Guides. Choose your camp, create your story:

→ Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival
→ Fishing, Boating & Outdoor Cooking
→ Animals, Farms & Wild Food Foraging
→ Role-Playing, Secret Agents & Wizards
→ Sewing, Woodworking & Handcrafts
→ Pottery, Jewelry Crafting & Blacksmithing

With over 35 diverse themes and camp sites conveniently located in NE Portland, SE Portland, W Portland & Sandy, Trackers ensures there's a perfect camp for every child. Their Trackers Studio, held onsite, offers engaging classes covering movement, crafts, and immersive role-playing games. While Trackers Adventure camps take participants on unforgettable expeditions to epic wilderness sites.

Phone: 503-345-3312
Organization Email:
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